Tesla 800V Cybertruck signal, Audi Q4 e-tron timing, connects to DOE V2X: Today’s

Tesla explains why 800 volts is not the last for EV today. Audi update on Q4 e-Tron timing. And the DOE is playing a key role in two-way charging studies. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Tesla chief executives Elon Musk and Drew Baglino explained this week why you’re seeing changes to an 800V architecture for its Cybertrack and Semi, you can’t look for the Model 3, Model Y or the upcoming robotaxi. They argued that it took a large vehicle and a large amount of vehicles to realize the benefits.

Audi has confirmed that their E-Tron GT and E-Tron SUV electric vehicle families are moving into 2023 with only a few features and appearance changes. Meanwhile, the compact Q4 E-Tron SUV and Sportback are available for US delivery this summer.

The US DOE has formed a partnership with several vehicle manufacturers and other stakeholders to promote the integration of two-way charging for the state of California entity and EV and infrastructure. The goal of the collaboration is to accelerate the use of V2X technology and the results can be used to determine infrastructure investment.

And on this Earth Day, as the Biden administration expands oil and gas leases and waves Ethanol regulations, let us refresh ourselves with last year’s findings that despite a biased division, Americans see EVs as better for the environment and more solar and renewable. Wants energy. Here hopefully our politicians will remember the big picture এবং and the world.


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