Teashed in 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV LT trim

Chevy has already given a glimpse of the exterior and interior design of our upcoming Equinox EV, but now we can see it again in video format and exclusively inside its LT trim. It looks like the blue, white and black interior shown in the initial rendering, but these shots look a little more final / defined than those. The dash shows a lot more sculpture with a few layers / layers and we can see practically in ambient light.

A video posted on Chevy’s YouTube page does the job, as it basically shows only 30 seconds of footage, different angles and interior parts. The key shot shows most of the dash where we see the screen, center stack, steering wheel, lights and more. The main infotainment screen is quite large, and it looks like a copycat of the large touchscreen found in the Silverrado EV. It even has the volume knob in the same upper left corner. At the bottom of the screen is the separation of your air vents and body buttons / knobs which seem to be climate control.

Below climate control we can see a mat for charging wireless phones. It merges with the center console, which has a pair of cupholders. The ambient light on both the door and the dash is quickly shown in both white and blue. And the last bit of technology to note is the large digital cluster behind the steering wheel. We see a power meter on one side and a battery charge indicator on the other. However, no range readout is visible in Chevy’s teaser video.

Other small details we will mention are the rotary side air vent and the large storage space under the center console. The lack of a transmission tunnel should mean that the electric Equinox is much more useful than the petrol version, which allows a bunch of extra space to hold your personal belongings.

So far, the Equinox EV RS will be available in the fall of 2023. However, Chevy did not give the launch date of the LT model shown here.

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