Stellantis has bought Share Now car sharing ventures from BMW and Mercedes

Stellantis will buy the Share Now car-sharing joint venture from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, adding it to Stalantis’ own Free2Move service. The company did not disclose a sale price, however Bloomberg Reported that it could be around 260 million.

Share Now In 2019, two German automakers launched independently from car-sharing services by BMW and Mercedes. The proposed purchase agreement will add 14 European cities and 10,000 vehicles to Free2Move’s existing 2,500-vehicle fleet, according to a Stellantis press release.

Zip Renegade - Stellantis Free 2 Move Car Sharing

Zip Renegade – Stellantis Free 2 Move Car Sharing

Free2Move currently operates in Denver, Austin, Columbus, Portland and Washington, DC, USA, but the acquisition of Share No will not extend its US footprint, as BMW and Mercedes pulled their car-sharing services from the market years ago.

The United States has proven to be a particularly difficult environment for automaker car-sharing services. Free2Move is not just about BMW and Mercedes, General Motors is also moving into space.

Car2Go, launched by Mercedes parent company Daimler, started out as a few more city- and community-centric, but in multiple steps aimed at improving the business, it cut across the different communities that might benefit the most from car sharing.

Citroen Ami will join the Free2Move fleet in the United States

Citroen Ami will join the Free2Move fleet in the United States

Meanwhile, BMW used Rich Now as a pedestal to promote its i3 — then the parent company blended it into more petrol models, obscuring the reason for the service.

GM abruptly discontinued its Maven service in 2020. It was established in 2017 for the model of alternative mobility, outside the franchised-dealership rules. In addition to car sharing, its services include food-delivery and ride-sharing driver hire in the so-called “gig economy”.

Free2Move works with slightly different models, from the Stalantis global portfolio to fun, small fringe-like zips and the beautiful Citroën Ami EV.

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