Stellantis battery supplier Samsung plans $ 2.5 billion factory with SDI

Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, and many more: Stellantis— Cocomo has announced a joint venture with South Korea’s Samsung SDI in Indiana to build an electric-vehicle battery plant.

Starting in 2025, the Indiana plant will create 1,400 jobs and its initial annual capacity will be 23 gigawatt-hours, with the goal of reaching 33 gigawatt-hours in a few years. Stalantis said the investment would be more than $ 2.5 billion and could be $ 3.1 billion.

This is a one to one small plant for Canada confirmed a few weeks ago. Windsor, Ontario, The plant aims for 45 GWh and more than 2,500 jobs, including LG Energy Solutions, by early 2024, at a cost of 4.1 billion.

“The total capacity will increase further as Stellantis expects the demand for electric vehicles to increase,” the automaker said in a release about the Indiana plant.

STLA Large Platform - Stellantis EVs

STLA Large Platform – Stellantis EVs

Kokomo is already the site of a large, UAW-represented transmission plant, which was restructured less than a decade ago to produce new-generation eight- and nine-speed transmissions, then recently relaunched to build engines.

Stellantis says it aims to have 400 gigawatt-hours of annual capacity by 2030, including two in North America. By the time Stellantis claims to have eaten these two, he would have halved his U.S. sales. Given Stellantis’ truck focus in North America, 78 GWh from these two plants could be enough for 1.5 million large electric trucks and SUVs a year.

As the company outlined last summer, it plans to spend nearly $ 35.5 billion over five years across its 14 most diverse global brands, with four EV platforms ranging from an electric Dodge muscle car to an electric RAM pickup to vehicle slate and further away. Off, electric reinterpretation of the Chrysler minivan.

Future Jeep EV - 2021 Stalantis EV Day

Future Jeep EV – 2021 Stalantis EV Day

Teaser of Electric Ram 1500 in 2024

Teaser of Electric Ram 1500 in 2024

Dodge EV Muscle Car and Platform - 2021 Stalantis EV Day

Dodge EV Muscle Car and Platform – 2021 Stalantis EV Day

The investment is the latest in a long series of matches between automakers and battery suppliers in the last two years. GM is teaming up with LG Energy Solution to create large-format pouch cells for its Ultium architecture; Ford is partnering with SK Innovation, a Georgia SKI plant already supplying cells for the F-150 Lightning. Both of these battery suppliers are based in South Korea. Tesla has a long-standing partnership with Japan’s Panasonic.

In addition, Hyundai revealed last week that it plans to produce 300,000 EVs annually in Georgia, at a plant that will begin vehicle production in 2025; Work on an associate battery plant is underway, with a joint venture partner not yet announced

Samsung SDI was the cell supplier of the BMW i3 and other structural electric vehicles and is currently the primary supplier for the Revion. The battery company itself is reportedly looking for a site for its own battery plant, including Illinois, near Rivian’s factory.

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