Someone loaded their Isuzu Rodeo on the back of a U-Howl van

Listen, we understand that movement is a pain. And moving cars can be particularly annoying. Maybe you need to find another driver. Maybe the car doesn’t work and has to be pulled. Maybe you don’t have a trailer. StillYou should never do what this Washington State driver did: try to get their SUV behind a U-Hall moving van.

Yes, as Washington State Trooper John Bryant tweeted (And even seen by people on Reddit), someone grabbed their Isuzu Rodeo from behind a small Chevy Express-based U-Haul van. The photos came from another soldier who pulled the fearless mover. We are really impressed that the SUV actually fits the width. One big, and obvious, problem, of course, is that the SUV didn’t fit the length, with a good third of it hanging backwards and sitting indefinitely on the rear bumper. Perhaps the most annoying part is that a lone ratchet strap seems to be the only thing holding the rear SUV. The soldiers did not say what happened to the driver in the end, although we cannot imagine that they were allowed to drive with this sketchy setup.

And just to clean up a lot of things, please No. Try something like this. There are many ways this can go wrong. The worst case scenario would be for the SUV to fall and cause an accident. But there are more reasons why this is a terrible idea. There will be a strong possibility of damage to the car being moved, as there is very little space for the car. It will be very easy to damage the van, either by hitting the box parts of the vehicle during loading or during transit, or perhaps by breaking the suspension or powertrain of the van. This will also make the van less safe to drive as much (over) load is hanging out of the rear axle.

If you want to move your car, find a friend with a truck and trailer, call a professional, or rent a truck and trailer. And guess who has car trailers and even has tips on how to use the mentioned trailers and load your car safely? Throth. And for more towing tips, check it out.

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