Singapore cars provide fuel without payment

This is a strange incident of a car with Singapore registration which refuels in Johor and goes away without paying. This is very strange because how exactly can this happen?

This is the story. Singapore-registered Kia Sorrento You can see Bukit buying diesel at a petrol station in Indah, JB. If the driver does not buy oil; It is alleged that he left the station after stuffing without paying. The petrol station then raises a notice and captures the relevant CCTV screen, asking the car owner to return and pay.

As usual, these kinds of things will be contagious, and will come to the notice of the Singapore social media site, SGRV admin. They checked the plate number and found the SNA 9151 S and showed the official data 2.2D, so the allegations regarding diesel admission were well established.

However, unlike RON95 petrol, Singapore vehicles are allowed to refuel in Malaysia, but their purchases at petrol stations within 25 kilometers of the Malaysia-Singapore border are limited to 20 liters per day (in the Bukit Indah zone). Diesel costs about S $ 3 (RM9.60) per liter in Singapore and in Malaysia, the subsidized price is RM2.15 per liter for Euro 5 B10 and B20. Based on these figures, the savings that can be obtained from this Singapore car for 20 liters is RM149.

Not giving money is wrong. Singaporeans are currently enjoying huge savings (excluding the current SGD-MYR foreign exchange rate) and not worth the benefit of a benefit of less than S $ 50, isn’t it? Able to use Sorrento, Malaysia will not be able to provide fuel at an already subsidized price.

But even more bizarre is how it can happen. Maybe the driver and cashier at the counter forgot to ask for advance payment before activating the pump? Usually at the counter, customers have to pay directly or leave in advance to pay, as should be the case. There may be a negligible error in the process.

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