Shells Touch ‘n Go expands RFID fuel station list, now supports 35 stations

Shell has expanded the list of stations that support Touch ‘n Go RFID Fueling from the initial five stations to a total of 35 stations in the Klang Valley.

The first five stations involved in the test phase are Shell Port Sri Menjalara, Shell Mint Hotel, Shell NKVE Damansara, Shell Taman Cont and Shell Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Newly extended numbers of stations are welcome, but with the new extended list, availability is still limited in the Klang Valley.

RFID fueling is enabled at the following stations: When you arrive at the station, you need to look for RFID bays as not all pumps have RFID support.

You must enable RFID fueling first, a one-time thing. Setup straight – turn on eWallet, tap the shell icon, and then activate the Fueling button. From there, you can select the default fuel amount and even link your bonuslink card to earn loyalty points.

To refuel, all you need to do is identify specific bays with RFID signage, park your car inside the RFID-enabled bay, and locate the LED screen (above or on the ground, in front of the bay). Once the reader detects the car, the system will save the pump and when the screen shows a green pump icon, you will have 80 seconds to start the fuel process.

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