Service stations across Malaysia run out of petrol, leaving many motorists stranded

The long haul verdict has resulted in vehicular traffic across various states of the country, and due to that amount, fuel supply has been cut off in many places, especially in RON 95, a large number of service stations have run out of petrol. Due to the significant increase in demand. As a result, many drivers are unable to refuel their vehicles for the return journey. Malay Mail Report

Users took to Twitter last night to report the problem, with many sharing experiences of low or no supply of RON 95 petrol at petrol stations. Although mostly concentrated around the east coast, parts of Perak, Kedah and Perlis were also listed as affected by the fuel shortage. Some Twitter users also reported that some service stations rationed how much petrol they could buy, with caps of RM20 and RM30 reported.

Astro Awani The report said that about 200 vehicles were stranded at a petrol station in Kampung Saujana, Terengganu, Terengganu yesterday evening. It added that the tanker arrives later, around midnight.

The Malaysian Petrol Dealers Association (PDAM) said the deficit was due to an unexpected increase in demand, combined with massive traffic congestion on highways, which delayed petrol tankers from reaching service stations.

I’m talking Insights into Malaysia, PDAM president Datuk Khairul Anwar Abdul Aziz said that fuel tankers had to be delivered to every place due to shortage at many petrol stations. “Sales are very high and jams are very high. [For] The tankers will be late to reach the station, their arrival and departure [from station to station]”She is OK.

He added that it is not only the service station of the highway but also the main roads, such as those going to the east coast, which do not have petrol. “It simply came to our notice then. The sale has gone crazy. Normally it is 20% higher than normal day, this time it is 40% higher, ”he said, adding that fuel shortage is expected to continue till tomorrow (Sunday).

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