SCG’s Baja Dakar buggy can be ‘put together like IKEA furniture’

In 2018, when Scuderia announced the Cameron Glickenhaus 005 Baja Boot, the big bogie was expected to cost 100,000. However, it reached $ 259,000 by the time Boot the Baja 1000 was a second-class win. Now finally comes the ি 100,000 bogie from the New York boutique car manufacturer, the 008 Baja Dakar bogie. The company showed its rendering for the first time last year, and introduced it as the younger brother of Baja Boot – a “mini boot,” we were told. Above the price, we have new rendering that shows some evolution from what we saw in 2021.

Before we get to that, it’s important to know that the 008 SCG 004 sports car originated from the idea of ​​turning Porsche into circles, which would be called a safari build. It explains the overall appearance of the car and features like buttress and arched wing connecting the rear fenders. So, starting from that platform, the current rendering eliminates the floodlights and faded headlights in the four central positions of last year’s design, replacing them with two open headlights and two small headlights downwards. Someone has decided that it would be ideal to see the items on the back of the car, so a pair of rearview mirrors stand on stalks in front fenders. The door above last year’s design mesh is now a solid door. Potential items like mesh doors and light packages are options in the new version.

All that will be available is a three-seater cockpit with a tubular frame, composite body panel, long-travel fox coilover suspension, 17-inch wheels on 37-inch BFG tires, about 18-inch ground clearance, and a central driving position. At about 182 inches in length, it is the length of a two- and four-door zip rangler.

There is one more important thing to know though: the 100,000 price does not include an engine; This is the additional cost of rear-wheel drive, AWD; And the kit is designed to be made by the buyer. James Glikenhaus said it would not be harder to put together than Ikea furniture. Also, the rig is designed to have a 2.0-liter GM engine built into that high-mount exhaust center. James Gleckenhaus told us last year, “Many engines will fit. The choice is in the hands of the manufacturer. We have a Porsche factory driver who is going to fit the engine in a Porsche. It can even be electric or hydrogen powered.” The versions that the company adopts racing are powered by an LS7 V8 that is tuned to develop around 550 horsepower.

We promise more pictures and information soon, which will eventually include an explanation of the kit’s on-stage assembly that could save buyers money by allowing more off-the-shelf. SCG says it plans to sell 008 through its site. It will begin taking $ 1,000 deposits soon for production slots later this year.

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