Saharuddin Design Maivi 2022 New Generation EV

What is the shadow if the latest generation Perodua Myvi is an EV? What design method should be used? For this, Saharuddin Busri, whose digital design work we have always shared, has his own answer.

Feeling that the design look of the Perodua Mavi is currently very “busy” with sharp and jagged lines that stand out quite significantly, he came up with a neat approach. This is consistent with the design development that is applied to most current EV car models, a simple and clear body image and the same thing নেয় the same thing takes a lot of inspiration from Volvo’s latest vehicle design.

However, since Mavi a HatchbackIt is still preserved in form and character Sports; In this case, the reference is the latest Volkswagen Golf model that gives it a solid image. Sports Anxious

The brevity we want to show is very clear. From the front, for example, the front hood has only two almost straight lines leading to a clear front face; With a complete transverse LED light strip. This same design element has been extended to the side mirror section, where the chrome strip is a kind of side mirror holder base – with a carbon fiber housing.

The design also looks great from the side, with a clean and noticeable new line separating the two main parts of the car’s body. Another curved line of his body gave him a “muscular” effect. The rim, on the other hand, comes in larger sizes than usual, making it look as strong and more stable as a car with a more stable foundation and position. Sports.

The most “busy” is probably back. At first glance, this seems to be inspired by the general design language we see in SUVs. The horizontal LED light strip makes it look wide, with minimal backlight. A main line shows this back as if it were split in two with a large hole.

The name Perodua has also been adapted to an element of brevity before the “Myvi 2022” badge completes the car’s identity. The bumper design also looks neat, split in two; The first black space where the plate number and the second ala part Diffuser The bottom is black.

What do you think of the clean EV-style design for this fictional Myvi? Much more interesting than the current Myvi? Feelings could be a reality, who knows if there will be an electric version of the next generation MV, or even a fully automatic EV?

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