Safe Option 18: Police record 154 deaths in 148 fatal accidents, summoning 296,814

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has recorded a total of 148 fatal accidents involving 154 deaths due to road accidents across the country in the nine days of Op Selamat 18 launched from April 29 to May 8, 2022.

According to Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Rajaruddin Hossain, the figure was among 14,536 accidents involving 18,897 vehicles, Harian Metro reported.

He explained that for the same period, all figures increased in 2019 compared to Op Selamat 15, which recorded a total of 14,250 accidents, 142 fatal accidents and 151 deaths involving 18,140 vehicles.

The death toll from deadly motorcyclists and pedestrians is 106 (Op Selamat 15) compared to 97 (Op Selamat 18). This was followed by car-related deaths, viz., 40 (Op Selamat 18) to 36 (Op Selamat 15).

“Pedestrians are the third highest contributor to death, with 10 deaths (Op Selamat 18) compared to eight deaths (Op Selamat 15),” he said.

On the ninth day of Op Salamat, yesterday, 1,551 accidents were recorded with 284 accidents at the top of Selangor, followed by Johor (273) and Perak (152), where Parlis recorded the lowest number of accidents, namely four road accidents.

Of the 1,551 accidents, 13 were fatal, including four in Selangor, three in Kedah and two each in Negeri Sembilan and Sarawak.

“Meanwhile, in the nine days of Op Selamat 18, a total of 296,814 summonses have been issued by PDRM for road users,” he said.

He said that the six major offenses issued till the ninth day of Op Selamat 18 were speeding (212,469 summons), traffic light violation (3,613 summons), line cutting (2,903 summons) and use of communication device. . (1,712 summons), cut in double lines (1,080 suits) and driving in emergency lanes (735 suits).

As of the ninth day of Op Selamat 18, there were 1,291 road accidents, highways (1,551 accidents), federal roads (3,141 accidents), state roads (2,928 accidents), city roads (5,625 accidents) and other roads.

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