Rushing and Restless: Worthless the Speedhunters Way

Regardless of the class you are flying in, air travel is bad at best. In this case, the flying sucks twice as hard. For one, the airport bus we were stuck on during the pre-departure was as wet as a boxer’s hand hole after 12 rounds. And two, we spent the weekend in Watershire, Austria and now it’s home time.

Here’s how the weekend was played.

WoSee Trip-1

Friday: 2:30 am

It can also be a clich:: small morning hours, filled with fuel and caffeine. In this case my chariot is my newly acquired Renault Clio RS F1, the fuel is Shell V-Power, and the favorite drink that Clark might bother to bring me from the fridge.

I’m relying on 30 minutes of sleep and a sound ministry. ‘90s music Playlist to take me to Heathrow where I’ll meet Saaj to catch our flight. Lonely roads and clear induction roar encourage rapid progress.

3:30 am

Park the car on the weekends, get dressed and I catch the terminal shuttle in the hope of breakfast before our flight. For those of you who have never tried to pick up camera equipment through the airport, you are 800% more likely to be taken aside and an unsatisfied employee at the airport violates your gear with the same ‘healthy gloves’ that they touched the other 100 bags. With.

We pay a lot more for some very average breakfasts, meet some people (second for speedhunting for recreation) and walk 12 miles to our gate just in time for boarding.


6:00 AM

Realizing that the new Kendrick Lamar album was released an hour ago, Saj and I go into a frenzy to download the album before we hear anything on the flight.


8:05 a.m.

I fall asleep, but not before browsing High-rise buildings Some people are buying nonsense magazines. What is it about being on a plane that encourages people to buy watches? Pseudo-month-brand 200 200 especially for your wrist?


9:00 am (Austrian Time)

Our Austrian Airlines flight landed safely in Vienna and we rushed to retrieve the baggage to get the outfit. I suggest we drop the clothing so we don’t have to wait for the mishap carrier belt, but the outfit isn’t that interesting.

We drove to the car rental desk to pick up the powerful Skoda Superb Estate I had booked for us. Joseph, the beautiful man behind the counter, offered us an upgrade. For the weekend we found ourselves in the brand new Audi A6 Avant.

It only takes me a few seconds to figure it out:
1. Cars have grown too big for their own good.
2. Audi took over Pimp My Ride The method of setting the screen and place them on almost every conceivable surface of the car.
3. The seats in a new A6 are some of the best ones I’ve ever had


Hitting the road, Audi decides to combine its ‘Lane Assist’ mode with cruise control. Saaz still maintains that I was tough, but I can say in my mind that the lane-keeping function is one of the most annoying things in my experience behind the wheel. The next three and a half hours are spent fighting the car for control as it violently decides I am 0.3mm too far to the right, and shakes myself in line again. I’ve done arm wrestling softer than that.


Snacks are found along the way, giving me the opportunity to look at the car and swear a lot from the outside; That way it can see me and know how much I hate it.


That being said, the A6 is really awesome as a mile-dropping tool. We stop the car to hit some pleasant hilly roads for the last part of the journey.


The outfit goes full Time Climb the nearest hill to get some shots of Audi between magazines and nature. Shows directly from a press brochure, doesn’t it?


3:00 pm

Looking for some stores to get some last minute supplies, we arrive at a retail park where the first surprises of our trip are waiting. The door to an innocent garage in the corner is slightly open. Inside, two gorgeous Italian rear edges are visible.


I perform a WRC-esque U-turn and what we learn is Dular Motorsport, a racing team dating with a tradition like the 1993 DTM Championship.


The two rear ends belong to a pair of Ferrari F355 and 348TS, some of the most beautiful cars coming out of Maranello. In front of them is something so special to my eyes: a completely unadulterated E24 BMW 635CSi with TRX radial wheels and an alpina steering wheel.


Although the real work is in the main garage building. In the corner of the workshop is a pair of BMW race cars – an E36 M3 ‘tin-top’ race car, and an E46 M3 Procar wide body, modified S54 and two sets of amazing Alpina-style BBS motorsport split rims. Duller is obviously not a small sleeping garment that looks from the outside.


7:00 pm

Checked in at our hotel and hungry, we meet some of my friends who have gone to Wörthersee and ate some pizza. This is where we introduce Luke, the owner of the best Mk1 VW Caddys around. It’s actually so cool that you can expect a spotlight on it in the coming days


The outfit was eager to go and to see what cars were crowding the town of Welden-am-Worthsey, the place at this time of year. I was like that, but there was really no need for it. Our outdoor seats had modified equipment and the main Wörthersee strip where cars were paddling up and down all evening was a direct view of a car park.


11:00 pm

The rest of the night the changed car, the humid weather, and rather the cross-looking policy give everyone a screw-face and side-eye. The engines are revived, the arrogance is flexible, and the cars spend the evening traveling up and down the strip. We call it night, ready to shoot the next day.


Saturday, 10:40 am

The hotel breakfast can be a bit frustrating so we go to a place recommended by a friend. A huge plate of cold meat and cheese was pushed on the table in front of me. Saj gave the same order, Weinerroither Special, and we feast on unimaginable continental spreads. When in Austria, above all.

Over the next few hours location scouting was done around the lake and in the mountains. The strategy is to find a secluded spot where there are no houses in the background, yet enough is made so that fewer cars can get to the place. Saaj and I are still 50/50 that we look like drug dealers or in secret poles, slowly driving on a quiet Audi Avant on a quiet street.

WoSee Trip-14

The perfect location was found and Luke Cady was almost shot. It can be a little noisy spot, but once the photos are shown to everyone it’s worth 100%. This is not always the best way to go, but sometimes you have no choice but to apologize instead of asking permission.


4.00 pm

The rest of the day was spent on the XS CarNight Wörthersee 4.0 with thousands of steps around the halls of Messe Klagenfurt. You can read our show experience here.

It is safe to say that we are fascinated.

WoSee Trip-8

10:50 p.m.

However, what we are not impressed by is Policy’s decision to shut down the entire city of Welden for not staying local or staying at the hotel. Hungry and tired after a day of shooting, we drove 20 minutes to get some food that would go back. I understand that some irresponsible owners may be harassed, but the city is closed to everyone? Irrational.

WoSee Trip-10-2

Sunday, 10 a.m.

On our last day in Austria we are running behind schedule, so we skipped breakfast at the petrol station for some cinnamon bun. This has become a great idea since pastries are out of this world. Adnan – whom we met the night before – arrives at his Lexus LS 400 and we immediately move on to another place we found the day before. It’s 25º outside (Celsius, of course. Actual number.) And I’m glad I packed the shorts.

Saaz didn’t pack the shorts, and as I was rolling the video out of the boots, she corrected her bitter jealousy by stalling the Audi from the floor. It sent me almost flying, but Saaz still insisted it was Audi’s weak throttle feeling. I suspect …

WoSee Trip-23

12:00 p.m.

Luca joins us in his caddy and we all head for the secret XS Carnite rendezvous in the mountains where Andy – the main man of XS – invites us. The winding roads are great for the A6 and LS 400, if a little narrower. Both of these cars were designed for motorways, not the slightest ribbon of tarmac snacking through the mountains. I use the opportunity to take pictures of amazing scenes.

Everything is going perfectly smoothly. This is until Saaz bounces off the alignment of the wheel as he bounces our poor, impoverished Audi so violently from an obstacle. But that’s exactly because I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. Amnesty insurance is a fantastic thing.

WoSee Trip-19
WoSee Trip-18

12:45 pm

Arriving at the meeting we are greeted by one of the most incredible scenes of the whole trip. Vehicles of different sizes and shapes are on the hillside. There are also curry wurst and beer. The sun is shining, and although we only have an hour to return to Vienna, we jump in to take some pictures, eat some good food, and cool off with our newly formed friends.

WoSee Trip-14-2

I don’t mean to be all deep here, but the people you meet along the way are really the most important part of any trip. Add to that a selection of Europe’s best modified cars and sunny weather and you have a weekend that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Also, Saj hit that curb really hard.

Mario Cristu
Instagram: mcwpn

Additional photos by Saj Selva
Instagram: Sajselva

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