R&R and side stops along the North-South Highway are open 24 hours a day-

After two years of not being able to return to the festival, this year PLUS expects that a total of two million vehicles will be on the route during the Hari Roy Eidilfitri journey. For this, traffic congestion is expected, and additional planning and preparation is required.

PLUS has announced that the R&R Center and Side Stop will be open 24 hours a day during peak travel periods with Ryers. “People have not been able to return to the village for two years, now our business partners will do their best to give the best to all R&R and all highway users at the side stops,” explained Datuk Zakaria Ahmed Jabidi, Plus COO.

“With hundreds of F&B outlets and kiosks, suras and public toilets open 24 hours a day, users don’t have to worry and can continue their journey comfortably along the Plus Highway,” he said in a statement. RELA officials will be in the rest area to control the flow of vehicles, as well as portable toilets and water tanks will be added.

And, don’t be surprised if there are some rest areas that are temporarily closed, which are intended to avoid many users there at one time. If you encounter this situation, continue the journey to the next rest area. Of note, all toll plazas on the highway exit also have toilets and showers.

“If there are too many people and traffic is disrupted, some rest areas will be temporarily closed to normalize the situation and will be reopened as soon as the situation calms down,” Zakaria said.

Plus forget the 109 petrol stations along the highway, but also provide F&B, toilets and toilets. Free coffee will be provided in selected rest areas. For those who drive, be sure to take a break if necessary for everyone’s safety.

In addition, PLUS will place 1,500 customer service assistants in 1,100 lanes of the highway to solve payment problems. The company will deploy an “HQ reserve team” at strategic locations and use the services of RELA officers to assist in the flow of traffic.

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