Rotax Max Challenge Malaysia 2022 Round 2 kicks off this weekend in Sepang –

Rotax MAX Round 2 of the Challenge Malaysia (RMC Malaysia) is set to take place this weekend on May 14-15, 2022 at the Sepang International Karting Circuit, with Go-Carters from all over Southeast Asia preparing for a full grid battle. Track to book their slots in the Challenge Grand Final (RMC Grand Finals).

“As RMC Malaysia is an exclusive event series in this year’s racing calendar, we look forward to this racing specs,” said Genji Hashimoto of Amprex Motorsport, an authorized Rotax distributor and promoter for RMC Malaysia.

“In one of the most demanding racetracks in Southeast Asia, we want to give the Rotax family the opportunity to compete against each other on international soil before the RMC Grand Final in Portimo. Also, there are chances to win a total of four Grand Final tickets, ”he added.

Spread across six rounds, RMC Malaysia consists of four divisions (Micro, Junior, Senior and DD2 Masters), with a total of 30 temporary registrations. The overall championship winner in each category will represent Malaysia in the RMC Grand Final in Portugal. In addition, the overall championship podium winners in each category (first to third) and Rotax Max Festival Japan will be selected to participate in the final round.

The RMC Malaysia format is based on the concept of Rotax Max Challenge Global Sporting and Technical Regulations. After qualifying on Saturday morning, participants will take part in the heat of the qualifying round on Saturday afternoon to determine the starting grid for the final race. Viewers who want to follow all the action that took place this weekend can tune in to the live stream on RMC Malaysia’s official Facebook page.

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