Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II has been launched for 2023

Rolls-Royce has sent its Phantom to finish school for 2023. What’s back is the Series II, which Rolls itself acknowledges as a “subtle” evolution of the iconic superlaxari sedan. To mark the occasion, the company has launched a one-off model called Platino (for “Platinum”), pictured below.

“The subtle changes we’ve made to the new Phantom Series II have been carefully considered and carefully implemented, as Sir Henry Royce himself put it: ‘Small things create perfection, but perfection is not a small thing’,” Rolls said. – Royce CEO Torsten 6 Müller-Ötvös in the company’s official announcement.

The Phantom Series II described the Rolls-Royce as a “light-touch” aesthetic update. The grille is more straightforward and now illuminated (a cue borrowed from the ghost) and the headlights now feature a laser-cut pattern designed to mimic the Rolls-Royce-signed “Starlight” headliner inside the Phantom. Two new wheel options have been added. The first is a 3D-milled stainless wheel with a triangular side; The second is a 1920s style disc available in a stainless or black varnish finish.

Inside, nothing really changed, but you don’t notice one way or the other because the two phantoms never look the same unless they are intentionally commissioned that way. Rolls-Royce says the steering wheel is the Note’s only internal upgrade; It has been slightly thickened. The infotainment system was also updated to include Rolls-Royce Connected, which speaks to its digital concierge smartphone app, Whisper. It allows owners to monitor important Phantom issues, send destinations to the navigation system or schedule service.

The Phantom Platino (the white one above) is a perfect example of what we said above that the two Phantoms do not look the same. Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke individualization program 24/7 is busy creating one-of-a-kind creations for its rich Uber customers. The rear seats of the Platinum fabric are a compliment to the early days of Rolls-Royce, when the front seats were leather-decorated but the rear seats were covered with upholstery.

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