Rolls-Royce makes its second boat tail, with a pearl theme

Last year, Rolls-Royce launched the stunning Boat Tail custom-built convertible. Despite rumors of a cost of around $ 30 million, the company had three buyers. The second of the three cars has been revealed and it is themed around pearls.

Apparently the buyer’s father collects the pearls and the buyer conducts the business arising from it. So that’s where the theme came from, and Rolls-Royce ran with it. The exterior is pinkish white with white and bronze flakes and a contrasting hood, based on oyster shells offered for customer inspiration. The rear deck features a walnut veneer with a brush-finish rose gold pinstripe. The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament is also plated with rose gold.

There is inner skin that matches the outer paint. The center tunnel is again covered with the same walnut veneer as the rear deck. The watch and gauge have a mother-of-pearl on the face, and the watch’s components come from the buyer’s personal collection.

Like other boat tail models, the car has a split-opening on the back that includes dishes and flatware, as well as an umbrella. The umbrella can be attached to the back, and the fold-out chair allows the car to be the ultimate outdoor dining area. The entire car is handmade with custom aluminum panels. Powertrain details are not given, although based on the Phantom, it probably has the same turbocharged V12, eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive as the mainline sedan.

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