“Rocket League” gets a new Formula 1 fan pass

Racing game news this week:

“Rocket League” has again partnered with Formula 1 for a new fan pass

Celebrating the F1 Miami Grand Prix this weekend, “Rocket League” is bringing a ton of new F1-themed items to the game. Players will be able to take a Formula 1 fan pass for 1100 in-game credits which will include the following:

Rocket League 2022 Formula 1 fan pass

  • Formula 1 2022 Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Formula 1 2022 Engine Audio
  • Pirelli Wheels
  • Alfa Romeo 2022 Decal
  • Alfatoury 2022 Decal
  • Ferrari 2022 Decal
  • McLaren 2022 Decal
  • Red Bull 2022 Decal
  • McLaren Miami 2022 Decal

In addition to the fan pass, players can pick up a free Formula 1 2022 player banner from the item shop until May 10. Outside of this bundle of current items, “Rocket League” is planning 2 additional updates later this year. If you purchase F1 Fan Pass now, you will receive new items (5 additional F1 decals and 3 color variants of Pirelli wheels) for free when they drop.

“Forza Horizon” has been seen on the Xbox Store for the first time since 2016

According to IGN, the original “Forza Horizon” was briefly shown on the Xbox Store last weekend, but was quickly taken down again. The game has been listed since 2016, so I was surprised to find it available for download for a few hours. It was listed for a reasonable 19.99 and some players have speculated that this may mean the game will soon be available for permanent download again, however, Microsoft has not given any indication that it is and could easily be a mistake. Wrong or not, we hope Microsoft has taken note of the excitement it has created. We say, bring it back!

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