RAYS Fan Meeting: The Wheels Of The People

Last week, Dino showed off what wheels are on display at RAYS from their current and vintage catalogs at the 2022 RAYS Fan Meeting. Now it is the turn of the people of Japan to see what kind of wheel they have brought.

Walking around in the rain, I tried my best to find the most interesting wheel, and I found it.


We will bypass the trade stands that greet the punters, as the cars on display wear all kinds of wheels from all over the world. Today, it’s all about RAYS.


I’m sure you’ll remember this bold NSX from my first post. What do you think of the owner’s choice of Gram Lights 57XTREME SPEC-Ds? I think they work well with Honda and the angular line of this body kit.


In all honesty, for the most part I had no idea what I was looking at, this is the depth of RAYS’s past and present catalogs and the simplicity of their design. But I’m not too worried about the model number; I just know what I like.


The number of different wheels was also evidence of an unbroken production strategy that made the name RAYS synonymous with durability and quality. These Volk Racing GT-Cs were undoubtedly around the trap a few times.


Although there are definitely exceptions to the rule (NSX mentioned earlier for example) I generally think that period-correct wheels look best on older cars. In that case, I believe having a modern wheel is a criminal offense – and Silver To boot – in an old Subaru. I like wheels, not just in this particular car. Is anyone with me?

Although some wheels, (yes, TE37, put on your wig), look good on anything – even raindrops on my lens – from Dinky sports cars to Ginmas off-roaders. The TE37XT is the 4 × 4 version of the classic.


A set of RAYS can transform a worldly man-mover into a solid urban utility vehicle. They can make an FJ cruiser look like an army corporal wearing a new balance trainer on the battlefield. It is certainly unique.


These 86 are a little more intelligent and relevant, with a set of bronze volcanic racing 21Cs. It’s the perfect fit in my eyes. I think the ‘L’ rims are much better for this wheel than the ‘LLL’ deep-dish version.


Of course, the GT cars on display show wheels that look like Tomica cars compared to road cars. After seeing the full carbon fiber Supra GT500 car at Osaka Auto Messe, I’m still looking forward to seeing a road legal GT car someday. Can anyone please make this happen, I have a little less cash this month …


I think you can probably fit an oil drum in every corner of an FD3S RX-7 and it will still look ace, but these Volk Racing Challenge wheels are very good. These are probably a little lighter than oil drums.

These Volk Racing GT7s were a real highlight for me – great.


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is NSX Is Wearing two different finishes on its TE37. I’ll be able to tell you why soon, since I’m shooting this and a few more cars from the LEVEL1 guys.


For the most part, the people at the event rocked the variety of the TE37. I think that’s because most of the cars fell into the modern classic category, which is exactly the TE37. The rain probably kept up Kyusha From the RAYS back catalog to vintage mesh and star designs to showcasing more of the cars.

Then naturally, the highlight of my day was this fake Volcanic Racing Genome SE37W passing by me. The owner told me when he parked his minivan, that “They were 20 years ago.” I am alive for these moments.


I’m glad I braved the rain at the RAYS fan meeting, because I’ve now finally learned the names of some of the best tire models in the world.

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