Raya killed 28 people on the road on the first day, 19 of them on bikes

This year’s Hari Roy Eidilfitri celebrations are extra special, e.g. Going back to his hometown Epidemic control has not been possible in the last two years due to restrictions. This is a sweet reunion for most families. Most, not all.

On the first day of the verdict alone, 26 people were killed in road accidents in Malaysia. A total of 19 motorcyclists and pedestrians, six motorists and passengers, two pedestrians and one “jeep” driver.

Deputy IGP Datuk Rajaruddin Hossain said this Has been named The death toll on the first day of the verdict (May 2) was the highest since the start of Ops Salamat 18 on April 29. 10 people died that day. On April 30, 18 people died and on May 1, 20 people died in road accidents.

Of the 76 deaths recorded in four days, 10 were from Selangor, nine from Pahang and eight from Kelantan. The majority of deaths occurred on federal roads (29), with state roads and highways contributing 21 and seven deaths each.

The total number of accidents in Ops Selamat 18 as of May 2 is 6,932. Selangor shows the way again, followed by Johor, KL, Perak and Penang. Rajaruddin further said that a total of 211,235 summons have been issued in four days for various offenses. Of these, a total of 61,753 Together Was for speed.

This weekend will see the opposite exit back to the Klang Valley. Make sure your car is in good condition, be careful on the road and drive safely. Traffic is guaranteed to be heavy, so be prepared for long journeys.

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