Putrajaya Line MRT will start operations on 16th June 2022 – Phase 1 has 12 stations,

The latest Putrajaya Line MRT is scheduled to open at 3 pm on June 16, 2022, after the original plan to start operations in November 2021 was delayed due to implementation of the Movement Control Order (PKP), according to an FMT report.

For this step 1, it involves a total of 12 stations listed below:

  • Kwasa Damansara (P) (MRT Kazang Line Exchange)
  • Kampung Selamat
  • Sungai Buloh (P) (Exchange at KTM Port Klang)
  • Damansara Damai (P)
  • Sri Damansara Barat (P)
  • Sri Damansara Sentral (P)
  • Sri Damansara Taimur (P) (Exchange of KTM Port Klang)
  • Metro Prima (P)
  • Kepong Baru
  • Jinjong (P)
  • Mr. Delima |
  • Kampung Batu (Exchange with KTM Seremban)

The stations marked (P) in the list are also equipped with parking lots. Similarly, exchange stations are also listed.

Phase 1, including the first 12 stations from Kwasa Damansara, involves a line of 17.5 kilometers. Where the train travel time from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu is estimated at 24 minutes.

Meanwhile, for Phase 2, it is expected to start work in January 2023 according to the initial plan. It will involve 24 stations out of a total of 36 stations with a line of 57.7 km, including 38.7 km of elevated routes and 13.5 km of underground routes, which connect Putrajaya Central to Kwasa Damansara.

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