Proton Xora is ready to go through major external and internal changes; Use a turbo engine

Proton Saga launch time Facelift 2022 Yesterday, Roslan Abdullah, Proton’s Vice CEO, said that the seven-seater MPV, the Proton Exora, would receive one more minor refresh this year.

According to him, Exora 2022 will get some new details, but the changes made will be “less than Saga” and a new oil cooling hose (OCH) that is more durable and hopefully will stop the ‘nightmare’ of existing Exora owners. .

Interestingly, Roslan reveals that there is indeed an attempt by Proton to launch the Exora in a version that will receive a major upgrade after that – it will not only show significant changes externally and internally, but will also involve the use of new engines and gearboxes.

He did not say which engine will be used in the Exora in the future, but it is unlikely that the engine in question is a 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder engine without the direct fuel injection system (GDI) used in the Proton X50. Premium variant and down for now.

This is because Proton has previously stated that any development of the Kampro engine in the VVT ​​version (Saga, Iris and Persona) and the CFE Turbo version (Xoray) has been discontinued, and will be replaced with a 1.5L three-cylinder engine. Which will be produced locally at the Proton Tanjong Malim facility.

The X50 Premium, executive and standard engine produces 150 PS (148 hp) of power and a maximum of 226 Nm of torque, along with a seven-speed DCT automatic twin-clutch gearbox, slightly lower than the GDI system version. X50 flagship which generates 177 PS (175 hp) and 255 Nm

Yet it is much more powerful than the existing Exora 1.6L Turbo CFE engine that produces only 138 hp and a maximum of 205 Nm of torque. And most importantly, the Exora will have no more OCH issues if it is matched to the more modern 1.5L turbo engine, which was jointly developed by Geely and Volvo.

According to Roslan, Proton is still in the midst of an internal discussion about a new version of the Xora with major changes. The purpose of the discussion was to persuade the management of the company that the model could be sold in sufficient quantity so that the additional funds released for its subsequent development could be revived.

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