Proton Xora 2022 will launch soon – accept small changes

The Perodua Alza Seven-Seater MPV finally completed its production last month after nearly 13 years on the market and will soon be replaced with a new generation model. In addition to Alza, Proton has almost the same product as the Exora-it is a seven-seater MPV (but in a larger class), and has been on the market since April 2009, or has been sold at the Proton showroom for over 13 years.

Will Proton also stop producing Axora in the near future and replace it with a new generation model? Apparently not. Proton Saga launch time Facelift MC2 2022 Yesterday, Roslan Abdullah, Proton’s Vice CEO, said that the Exora will get another small refresh like the Saga this year, which means that its production life is still long.

According to him, Exora 2022 will get some new details, but the changes made are “less than Saga” and do not expect big changes for older models in this market.

Roslan further noted that the Proton 1.6L Turbo CFE engine is concerned about the problem of oil cooling hoses (OCH) which plagues existing Exora owners and explained that Proton engineers are now developing new components that he hopes are more durable. Roslan also added that Proton is still actively recovering existing Exora owners who are experiencing the problem.

Proton began to take the turbo engine in question on the Xora version Facelift Which was launched in 2011. The look of the MPV hasn’t changed much since the models sold so far. The last time the Axora was updated was in 2019 (known as the Axora RC), where the MPV got a more responsive CVT gearbox tuning, interior furnishings with better materials, display of more sophisticated instruments like Persona and Erez, infotainment system with voice. The command function “Hi, Proton”, as well as a few other small changes.

According to Roslan, the Exora can be sold in continuous quantities (between 400 and 500 units per month) despite only minor changes since its launch. While demand is still there, Exora will continue to sell in the market.

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