Proton Saga MC2 2022 – Why still a facelift, although no new generation models

The third generation Proton Saga was first launched in September 2016, which means it has been on the market for almost six years now. It has been given a version Facelift First in 2019 (MC1), and then yesterday’s version Facelift The second time (MC2) has been officially launched.

If we look at external models like Japan and Europe, a generation of models will be sold in the market in just six years, and then replaced with a new generation model. But Saga agreed Facelift New when it reaches the production age of about six years, the market means its life could extend at least another two to three years.

Why is that? Why is Proton still selling these ‘old’ models on the market and not replacing them with newer generation models? Since the launch of Saga MC2 2022 yesterday, we have had the opportunity to ask this question to Roslan Abdullah, Vice CEO of Proton.

According to Roslan, he understands the cruel attitude of the people towards what Proton is doing. But the reality is that Proton is still a small automotive manufacturer that relies almost entirely on the small Malaysian market and does not have enough sales to raise funds to build a new generation model in a short period of time.

“If we want to follow suit, for example, Japanese OEMs [dalam membangunkan model baharu] Every five to six years, we have to sell more to pay for it, ”Roslan said. What he means by that is that without a large-scale economy, Proton would still have to maintain the basic structure of the ocean, as well as “improve a number of requirements to ensure that its selling price meets customer expectations.”

Roslan also gave an example of the Maruti Suzuki 800 in India that could be linked to the Malaysian Saga, where the iconic compact hatchback, always featured in Bollywood movies, was launched in 1986, and continued to be produced and updated until production stopped completely. In 2014.

“If we change everything, the sellers will definitely make a fuss because the production volume has not reached the target yet. We can offer a higher price so that everyone is happy, but then of course the customers are not happy.

“We can’t keep changing. If customers can afford it, I’m fine, but the reality is they can’t afford it,” Roslan explained.

The Saga is Proton’s most affordable model, competing in the A-segment sedan class with the Perodua Bezar. This means the price should be sold in the same range as the only sedan from the Perodua in question and the Proton Persona cannot be higher than the B-segment sedan.

Launched yesterday, Saga MC2 2022 sold for RM34,400 for Standard MT, RM38,300 for Standard AT and RM41,300 for Premium. The Saga now comes with a premium S variant that has sporty details and better technology, priced at around RM1,300, or about RM1k less than the most basic Persona variant priced at RM45,200.

Saga is still exported abroad, currently Proton’s largest market, including Pakistan, where it has been locally integrated (CKD) since October last year. Roslan noted that this is part of an effort to increase Proton’s sales volume, perhaps to justify further investment in new models in the future.

For full details about Saga Facelift This MC2 2022, you can read its launch report at this link, as well as the specification details of each variant with price at this link.

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