Proton Saga MC2 2022 – Pictures of the cabin exposed; New OS and cooling control,

This is the latest addition to the list of Spitfire photos for the Proton Saga MC2 2022, which is rumored to be launching soon. We’ve seen the exterior design before, and now there are some close-up photos of the interior of the car, showing the difference.

Among those seen are red details around the knot of the meter panel. This method was once used for the 2020 anniversary edition of Saga, which came with an air conditioning funnel and a yellow finish in the center.

The red detail is more widely used in this MC2, for example in the middle of an air conditioner funnel. The small chrome strip that separates the steering wheel buttons is also red. The cooling funnel on the side is not visible, but it is probably red in color.

The air conditioning control panel is also new, with two buttons in the middle and a knob at the end. The buttons look similar to the Iriz Active, but without the piano-style key and display. It looks more attractive than the current Saga model.

There seems to be a new OS for this saga infotainment system, if seen on its main screen display, which has a lot of icons and colors. It looks like a “check your luggage” warning sign when the engine is off, as Perodua has introduced in its car – to make sure you don’t miss luggage or kids. The logo on the steering wheel is also a new logo.

Externally, very little change. Among them, the grill uses a new logo with a grille design similar to the X50 style. Used alloy wheels were given a new design, as well as a black housing for side mirrors, as pictured. The rest is the same as the current model, with the existing bumper and headlight design – but still has a charming bodykit.

Much has been revealed about this MC2 saga from leaked and circulated documents this month. There will be a new top-of-the-line 1.3L Premium S AT variant, and it will use the 15-inch wheel and bodykit you see here. Side mirrors also have automatic folding Cover Back now with a staff space opener switch.

Other updates include an instrument cluster, steering wheel and leather-style material-wrapped seats, keyless entry with ignition buttons, and black roof liner. Also, the 1.3 standard MT does not have an ESC, but will be available as Proton’s only manual car offering. Does this new saga look interesting?

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