Proton Saga MC2 2022 in teaser before May 12 launch – new alloy rims,

Announced last week, Proton Saga 2022 (MC2, or Minor Change 2), Teaser Now as shown on the social media channel, the situation has escalated further towards the official launch on May 12, at 9.45 am.

This latest figure shows the new 15-inch rim in the latest Premium and Premium S variants, which come in silver color with its four spokes with a two-tone finish. The bodykit for this final version is also quite visible – the bodykit for this final version, in contrast to the black color in the previously seen prototype unit.

Included in the latest post is a link to the Registration of Interest, which shows one more picture – in front of it. Although the face of the ocean is as clear as we know, the existing Infinite Wave Grill is still after the new Proton Round Badge, which first appeared on Iris and Persona last year. Facelift.

The Ethereal Bow strip on the grille is given a red finish instead of chrome, similar to the X50. However, there are no LED headlights, as Saga will continue to use the halogen headlights shown in the picture. In addition to the side mirror, black plate number space is also expected to be found in this model.

This latest spaghetti from Saga shows its new center console design with red details in the more widely used MC2, for example in the middle of the air conditioner funnel. The small chrome strip that separates the steering wheel buttons is also red. The cooling funnel on the side is not visible, but it is probably red in color.

The three-spoke steering wheel has been given a new design for its airbag badge in the same style as the Axora, like the Eris and Persona. The loop of the instrument cluster is now redder than the previous silver.

Also, this saga has a new OS for infotainment system, if seen on the main display of its screen, which has a lot of icons and colors. It looks like a “check your luggage” warning sign when the engine is off, as Perodua has introduced in his car – to make sure you don’t leave luggage or kids behind. No change is expected for the mechanical aspect.

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