Preview of Mercedes Vision AMG Electric Sports Car Concept Performance Brand EV

Mercedes-Benz on Thursday unveiled a preview of the electric future of its AMG Performance brand.

The Vision AMG Concept is a smooth electric four-door coupe underpinned by the AMG.EA platform, one of three dedicated EV architectures that Mercedes plans to launch by 2025. That’s when we got to see the first AMG production model based on this architecture.

The concept clearly bears some resemblance to the original brand Mercedes’ Vision EQXX concept, which recently completed a 626-mile trip on a single charge in prototype form. Vision EQXX is moving towards a completely different technology, with the possibility of an air-cooled battery অস a performance impossible in EV.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes did not discuss air-cooled batteries — or many other technical details — but did say that Vision AMG uses Axial-Flex motors from its wholly owned subsidiary Yasa. These motors produce more power in a more compact package than other motor designs, Mercedes claims.

The Vision AMG also gets some styling features that go beyond aerodynamic efficiency. It has the cab-rearward ratio of classic sports cars, has six large round taillights installed around a rear diffuser, and has headlights shaped like a Mercedes three-pointed star badge. The light-up bars create the illusion of an otherwise-missing grille.

AMG already has some experience with electric cars. Recall that it launched the limited-production SLS AMG electric drive sports car in 2014. Based on the Petrol SLS AMG, it had 740 hp and a glowing door, but had a price tag of approximately $ 435,000.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes now plans to build AMG Electric as part of its overall goal of moving all-electric to at least some markets by 2030. AMG has already released a version of the upcoming EQE sedan, which includes an in-house motor design, as well as a tuned EQS sedan.

With Formula One battery technology and a special 2-speed gearbox, the AMG plug-in hybrids are performing in a completely different way.

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