Porsche Panama’s internal spy photos reveal the exterior of the production

We’ve seen the prototypes of the updated Porsche Panamera perform well over a year now, but this still-disguised engineer sample is packing something that looks like a production-ready interior, a complete exterior with a production-ready visual, of course. The camouflage of this prototype is fairly minimal at the moment (and really has been since last May) but this internal shot supports us already for the suspicion – that it is actually a follow-on update rather than an existing car. Completely new Panama.

The low-resolution display image doesn’t give us anything we can’t see from the exterior of the prototype, granted, but we do see a larger, square-closed front edge opposite the silver (a German car in silver; how real). The rear deck features a small spoiler that is not mounted on this prototype, but if you close your eyes really tight and use your imagination …

Meanwhile, the exterior has evolved since the last time we saw a prototype on the street. The new vertical fog lights now have an original shape (you can see that the tape was made as if a lamp had fallen partially from the passenger-side grille insert) and the grille now has a fixed slat. The bumper on the back of this prototype is also new, but obviously not final. Several of the pronounced dimples; We suspect they won’t be around for production.

While extending the service life of a model is certainly nothing new, we are entering a stage where it may become more common. As automakers shift their long-term development goals away from ICE to focus on electrification, models that rely heavily on fossil fuel powertrains will continue to extend their lifecycles to bridge the gap between legacy powertrains and battery power, which means platform length. The Stalantis approach may become more common before most of the industry is converted to BEV.

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