Polyester prices rise, Fischer invests in sports cars, DOE battery funding, Stalantis

The price of polyester goes up. DOE invests heavily in batteries. The use of Electrify America chargers has increased over the last year. Stellantis combines car-sharing initiatives from BMW and Mercedes. And Fischer teases a sports car. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Prices for the 2023 Polyester 2 lineup have risen, topping the base model 3, bringing the base single-motor version to $ 49,800. Dual-motor versions will get a range boost, however, and performance pack versions add a bit of power and torque that existing owners can add at an additional cost with a software upgrade.

Fischer has teased a sports car with the Ronin code name for the 550-mile range and claims that it will be released in August 2023 with next year’s production.

Although done by sharing BMW and Mercedes cars, at least in the form they saw, Stalantis has a big vision. It has announced that it is buying Share Now, which includes the remaining two automaker initiatives to expand its Free2Move service, which offers Jeep Compass and Renegade models mostly in the US.

The US Department of Energy announced earlier this week more than $ 3 billion in funding for the domestic battery supply chain, as well as $ 60 million for second-life use and $ 45 million for battery development. Aiming to sell half of all new U.S. vehicles electric by 2030, the goal is to take steps to increase domestic battery production.

And on Monday Electrify America gave us an idea of ​​how fast it and EV ownership are growing. It claims to have delivered five times the number of charging sessions in 2021 as compared to 2020 – claiming that its 41.4 GWh powered 145 million miles of tailpipe has driven emission-free.


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