Polyester 2 rolls on with new colors, new wheels, range improvements

We got a lead on the change for Polyester 2 by peeking into the European configurator of the automaker. Volvo’s Pure Electric Arm has finally been dishwashed in our Polyester 2 change menu. Outside, we get two new colors: “Space” (a metallic black) and Jupiter (a gold-gray with red flakes); Under the skin, “numerous” combined improvements will “increase the range in all climates,” Polyester says.

Completing the exterior updates, there are new designs for the standard 19-inch and optional 20-inch aluminum wheels. The company is trying to find a supplier that produces aluminum using renewable energy, claiming a 1,322-pound carbon dioxide emissions reduction for each polyester that closes the line with four wheels. A similar aluminum production is being used in the battery tray, which has further reduced CO2 emissions per car by 1,653 pounds.

Underneath the skin, Polyester has upgraded the optional heat pump from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 with a wide optimal temperature range. Polyester says the pump can increase the range by up to 10%, the current version works in the range of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 59. Also, an advanced cabin filter comes with an upgraded particulate matter sensor and an app feature that shows how much better the air inside the car is compared to the outside.

Inside, the ventilated Nappa leather upholstery comes in a new zinc gray color with light ash trim. Polyester has transformed its leather supplier into Bridge of Wear, a luxury leather company known for supplying leather to carmakers such as Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. Finally, the panoramic glass roof will come with a removable sunshade that can also be purchased as an accessory for all Polestar 2s fitted to the glass roof.

We’re still not sure where these new features will fit into the current mix. At the moment, Vaid, a glossy black, the only free color, charges $ 1,200 to apply the rest. In the UK, space has replaced Voide as the only available black, but where emptiness was free, space has become a costly option. Magnesium, a silver, has become the new free standard color across the Atlantic. And Jupiter has replaced the moon, a deep greyish color.

Polyester says North American pricing, range ratings and availability will be announced next week. No doubt we will see obstacles in some sections; Australia has recently noticed a big increase for Polyester 2.

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