Police are investigating a video that infected members of the MP’s child’s car

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has opened an investigation paper in a video recording showing a man driving a PDRM motorcycle with two traffic policemen on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at Jalan Bukit Gambier in Penang.

“The contagious video recording, lasting 20 seconds, was uploaded by the owner of ‘Anwarez’ account. The footage shows a man (public) driving a car with two members of the traffic police using PDRM motorcycles.

“A disciplinary inquiry has been opened and a detailed inquiry will be held into the two members involved. Police will not compromise with any police officer who commits such misconduct, “said Penang Police Chief Datuk Mohamed Shuhaili Mohamed Jain in a statement issued yesterday.

Through the contagious video, the driver of the vehicle, whose video was recorded while driving in Jalan Bukit Gambhir, and two policemen were seen with him to make sure that the road in front of him was smooth, including when passing a traffic light. According to The Star, the man who drove the Land Rover model car is believed to be the son of a Member of Parliament (MP).

In fact, through the video demonstration, a car was also seen to have to stop abruptly despite the traffic lights being green on the route. This certainly poses a risk of a collision if the rear car cannot stop immediately.

At the same time, the video show also received criticism from netizens who were dissatisfied with the people involved who used the services of traffic police members to ease traffic congestion in Penang.

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