PLUS North-South Highway R&R will be open 24 hours during Raya Peak Period – Extra Mobile

You can say that during the upcoming Hari Roy Eidilfitri tour, with the expected two million vehicles per day on the North-South Highway, Going back to his hometown And Back in town Travel will not be for the faint-hearted. But the jam is part of the festival package we’ve come to accept – for the family, it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

It will be congested and the journey will take longer than usual, which means R&R is more important. In addition, PLUS has announced that all R&R and lay-bys are “well prepared to welcome all highway customers” and will be open 24 hours a day for maximum travel time.

“Two years have passed since most families across the country were able to see each other for rye, and as we move to the local level, our business partners at all our R&R and lay-bys can conduct their business as usual to deliver delicious food. Renting for everyone to enjoy, makes their journey enjoyable Going back to his hometown Experience, ”said Plus COO Datuk Zakaria Ahmed Jabidi.

“With hundreds of F&B outlets and kiosks, suras and public restrooms available 24 hours a day, Highway customers can rest assured that PLUS has the best interest and comfort,” said the concessionaire. PLUS added that RELA staff would be at rest stops to manage traffic flow, and there would be additional mobile toilets and water tankers for visitors to arrive.

Don’t be surprised if an R&R closes, as this is a temporary measure to avoid crowds. If you encounter it, proceed to the next rest stop. Also note that there are toilets and alcohol at toll plazas and highway exit points.

“Excessive congestion which disrupts the flow of traffic on the main line of the highway, some of these rest areas will be temporarily closed for traffic congestion and will be reopened immediately after the congestion dissipates and the flow of traffic returns to normal,” he said. On such occasions, highway customers are advised to go to the next nearest rest stop. Most importantly, there are also public restrooms and bars at toll plazas and highway exit points, ”Zakaria said.

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Of course, petrol stations along the NSE will also have F&B, toilet and toilet facilities and 109 stations along the highway. Plus it says there will be free coffee in the selected rest area to refresh the weary traveler. Even if it’s not free, remember to buy a coffee or energy drink, or if you feel tired, have a mini nap at R&R – safety first.

In addition to R&R initiatives, PLUS will have 1,500 customer service assistants in 1,100 toll lanes on the highway to address payment issues. The company is deploying an “HQ reserve team” to the strategic location and using RELA officers to assist in traffic management. On our part, drivers must remember that the payment mode lane you used when you arrived – RFID in, RFID out.

Earlier, PLUS announced that it would set up a controlflow lane and increase the number of PLUSRonda patrol teams throughout the peak period. Vehicles that break down or are involved in an accident are a major cause of traffic congestion, and PLUS plans to remove such vehicles as soon as possible – the company will place tow trucks and cranes at key locations to expedite the removal of stuck vehicles, especially climbing. In the area. Heavy freight lorries have been banned during the festival.

Before you travel, check out the Raya Travel Advisory Schedule, which aims to distribute traffic and prevent the accumulation of traffic entering the highway at the same time.

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