Perodua MyBi – a life-size replica of a Myvi Extreme 1.5; 1.27 million Lego

Perodua Maivi is a Malaysian autonomous icon, the first generation of which has produced more than one million units since its launch in May 2005. Ironically “King of the Road” As mentioned, the popular hatchback is now immortalized in Lego form by Brix Art. , A group of artists who carefully combine masterpieces to showcase the endless potential of the brick industry.

What you see here is a life-size (1: 1 scale) scale from Myvi, which pays homage to Malaysia’s most beloved hatchback. Known as MyBe, it is currently on display at the Public Shopping Gallery at the BRICS Arts King of the Road Showcase.

It took a team of 15 Malaysian manufacturers about two months to create an incredibly detailed Lego replica of the Myvi Extreme 1.5, with 1.27 million brick components smashed to pieces. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle are made entirely of brick material, the only exceptions being axles, wheels, tires, speakers, mirrors and a few light bulbs.

Although MyBi is undoubtedly the star of the show, there are five more small (1: 4 scale) Lego sculptures on display that celebrate “Everything is possible”Mavi’s attitude, created by different teams of artists.

These include the MyBi rocket for space travel, the MyBi ATV for off-roading, the MyBi tractor for farming (cow spot), the MyBi tank for military use, as well as the MyBi robot for climbing stairs. According to BRICS Art, these creations were conceived, designed and built based on the meme of floating around the Internet.

In addition to the exhibition, visitors will be able to be creative and shop for BRICS art products by engaging in mosaic art building activities throughout the day. The event, which started yesterday and is currently running until this Sunday (May 29, 2022), is open to the public every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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