Pagani C10 Spy Photos Peek Into Our Huara Successor

It has been almost a decade since Pagani Huara entered the supercar market. And since then, we’ve seen countless variants with and without removable roofs. So this is the perfect time to show off a new pagan supercar. That’s exactly what we have here, at least as far as we can tell. And it certainly seems to stick to the Pagani styling tradition.

The ratio of this supercar, the so-called codename C10, is exactly what we expect from branded machines. It has a short nose and a long back. It has a lower grille with a support in the middle which merges into a triangular hood section. And the rear is wide with a signature quad tailpipe in the middle of the taillights.

Looking closer, we can see some subtle differences from Huara. The bottom grille is open, well, below, it looks more like a pair. The cabin area looks smaller in length. There is no clear air intake with the car flanks, probably replaced by dining just behind the cabin. The tail looks more like Jonda. Instead of a high-set, more flowing pattern of light, this C10’s square-shaped panel has two common lights on each side.

This prototype is clearly not ready for production, based on a large amount of camouflage and prototype elements such as headlights. But we will see the production model soon. An earlier report had said the car would make its debut this year. It will apparently use a version of the twin-turbo AMG V12 used in Huawei, although this time it will be available with a manual transmission.

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