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The recent hoverboard frenzy has seen Segways out of convenience, but both types of transportation offer exceptional benefits. Check out our selection of motorized personal devices. In their prime, Segway scooters were quite polarizing, with many joking about the idea while others praised them for their uniqueness and ease of use. Today, there are countless devices that bear striking resemblance to these scooters, and when they look and don’t work, nothing like what they are called, these “hoverboards” have taken the world by storm.

Although their initial frenzy is over, hoverboards remain a popular choice among the younger generation, as they offer the user an easy way to get around while making a statement in the process. This trend has also revived the use of Segway scooters, and these two transport devices are sure to make your life a little easier and a lot more fun.

Our choice of the best Segway of 2022

Segway Nineboat Scoot: High quality

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While the rest of the hoverboards on this list are consistent with what you see on social media, this is the first real deal – a Segway scooter, and more specifically, a Segway nineboat scooter.

This scooter is the culmination of many years of Segway technology, and although it may look like a hoverboard in some respects, it retains a level of unparalleled uniqueness and quality that sets it apart.

This scooter comes with a steering wheel that makes it spin easily, and you don’t have to tilt it in a certain direction to move it. Its wheels are also quite thick, it is great for long term use. The Segway Nineboat Scooter may not look as “cool” as the modern hoverboard, but it is definitely safe and easy to pilot.


  • The original Segway
  • Ride and pilot safe
  • Easy to use


  • It is difficult to travel without riding a bike

Hover-1 Titan Electric Hoverboard: User friendly

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Hoverboards are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but depending on the type of hoverboard you may be able to take it a little further.

This hoverboard of Hover-1 has a smooth looking chassis with two thick wheels that can handle some rough terrain. These may not be ideal for mud and moles, but if it is a pebble patch or something similar, you should be fine.

There are a few things on this hoverboard that make it stand out. The device has a built-in Bluetooth speaker (yes, you read that right) and has rider mode that accommodates new and experienced alike alike. This is a great starter board for newcomers to hoverboarding, and you will enjoy riding for the first time.


  • Durable chassis and wheels
  • Comes with beginner and expert rider mode
  • Includes built-in Bluetooth speakers


SISIGAD Hoverboard: Customizable

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Hoverboards are very personal devices, and many people use them on a daily basis. If you are looking for one that matches your style, these hoverboards from SISIGAD may be just above your street.

These are available in more than 15 different styles, each with a different color or design You should be able to find the color of your choice in the available, but if not, there are plenty of others to choose from.

This hoverboard comes with LED lights which give it a nice glimpse as you move around. The recommended age is 6-12 years, but young adolescents and even adults should have no problem using it. On the small side, however, if you think it can’t hold your weight, you might be better off trying to find a more durable and sturdy hoverboard.


  • Great for kids
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Bright LED lights


  • Not ideal for heavy weights

Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard: The most stylish

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Style and aesthetics are a big part of the hoverboard case.

You’ll feel like you’re gliding through the air, and since the technology hasn’t been used until recently it looks very futuristic despite being a fairly simple thing. For those who want their hoverboards to look as beautiful as their outfits, this Jetson board line may be all you need.

This hoverboard comes in a few colors, but the one we want to draw your attention to is the black variant. It has been given this great, almost luxurious look and the matte finish adds more style to the whole thing. The lights on this otherwise smooth hoverboard may seem a bit out of place, but try not to reduce it to a top-class look otherwise.


  • Smooth, cool design
  • Matte finish on black variant
  • Active balancing technology


  • Somewhat unpleasant LED lighting style

Gyroor Warrior 8.5 Inch Hoverboard: Versatile

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While cars have pickup trucks and SUVs, hoverboards also come in heavy-duty variants.

This hoverboard from Gairur claims to be an all-terrain board and although it may be a bit stretched, it has impressive durability compared to similarly priced hoverboards and it certainly shows the part. It also comes in a variety of color options to give you some freedom when choosing the right board for you.

The hoverboard comes with a built-in speaker that lets you hear your favorite tunes while riding, and its self-balancing nature keeps you on your toes, no matter how difficult the terrain. It may look a bit clunky, but if you go beyond the over-the-top design, you’ll find that this hoverboard is surprisingly comfortable for pilots.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • All-terrain wheel
  • Easy to pilot


  • Glamorous designs can be off-putting

A buyer’s guide to finding your next Segway

Both segways and hoverboards can be a blast to use. Choose the right one for you by following these short purchase guidelines.

What is a Segway?

While it may be tempting to get into hoverboard charms right now, it’s important to know what a segway is and how it differs from hoverboards, scooters and other motorized personal vehicles.

While this may sound surprising, the term “segway” does not actually refer to any type of vehicle, but rather to the brand name that first created this unique-looking transporter. Devices were (and still are) considered scooters, which is why you often see them called “segway scooters” despite not seeing anything like your traditional motorized scooter.

Segway has been building these devices for decades, and when they found their place in the market, they never went beyond certain business applications. This, of course, until the hoverboards arrive and explode into the scene.

How did hoverboards become so popular?

Hoverboards are gaining popularity fairly quickly, and there are several reasons why they are more widely used than Segway, despite being very similar in design.

They go viral

One of the fastest ways to increase the trend in this day and age is with the help of internet. If you can find something popular online and make it a “trending topic”, it is bound to create a buzz. Segway was launched at a time when the Internet was not as huge a data center as it is today, where hoverboards quickly filled the feeds of various social media platforms for release in the more digital age.

They are “cooler” than Segway scooters.

This isn’t exactly a proven fact, but hoverboards are generally considered “cooler” than their Segway predecessors. Just seeing someone use it, especially personally, you can stop and say, “Wow, I have to try it for myself.” But why were hoverboards met with almost universal recognition when Segway scooters quickly became the butt of countless jokes? The answer may be due to how the segwayways are designed.

Segway scooters are always designed to have some kind of safety measure. The larger Segway has handlebars and the smaller models have a way to keep your knees straight so you don’t fall. These make Segway scooters much safer than hoverboards, but at the expense of aesthetics and style.

They are more affordable

Segway scooters are high-quality, but it comes at a cost and is a rather steep one. Hoverboard materials, on the other hand, are cheaper and generally cheaper than Segway devices, making them more accessible to the average teenager or young adult. This is the population that drove the hoverboards into the limelight, so you can see why they quickly surpassed Segway for at least a while.

Tips for using a Segway

Take advantage of security features

Segway devices are designed to be quite safe for pilots, and hoverboards often have a beginner-friendly mode that makes them easy to learn and practice. Such features should be used as often as possible so that you do not injure yourself while holding things These may be slow and not as exciting as the other modes, but they are essential if you want to build good muscle memory and reflections for continuous riding.

Don’t try to go too fast right now

You bought Segway scooters or hoverboards because you watched videos about them. If so, there is a good chance to try as fast as possible from the bat and imitate what you have seen. This is actually dangerous for two reasons: for one, you can injure yourself and it can also damage your device.

Watch instructional videos online

Although many hoverboards offer a variety of tutorials in the form of guides or riding modes, it is always a good idea to check out some video tutorials as well. These are a great way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with the controls and offer a visual rundown of how you should use the device. You can run on your hoverboard and do some exercises by imitating the rider’s movements and following any tips given to them.

Is “Segway” a real word?

You may have heard someone use the word “segway” in a context that is not remotely related to scooters. This is because there is another word, “segue”, which sounds identical to the scooter brand but has a different (though not completely unrelated) meaning that it is surprisingly appropriate for the product.

The word “segue” is a verb which means “to move from one subject or thing to another without any hindrance or stop.” In other words, segues are like a smooth transition from one thing to another. Think of a medallion of songs sung by a cover group – the songs usually flow from one set of lyric to the next, when it seems as if they are actually part of a song. This is an example of a seguy, though there are other types.

Segues are also often mentioned in video editing and filming cases. Since smooth conversions are satisfying and easy to see, they are often employed in a variety of ways to entertain the audience. Even YouTube channels use Segu when referring to a sponsor for their latest video upload.

Segways of FAQ

Q: Is Segways a scooter?

Yes, Segway vehicles are considered scooters, although the government defines them as “powered carriers”.

Q: Are Segway and Hoverboard the same?

When used irrevocably, the term “segway” technically refers to a brand where hoverboards refer to a type of vehicle.

Q: Is it safe to use hoverboard?

Hoverboards are like skateboards or roller skates – if used without training or practice they can cause injury, but a skilled user will be able to pilot them without the slightest problem.

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