Op Selamat 18: Criminal has an arrest warrant, outstanding summons on the street

For those who have an arrest warrant and an outstanding summons, authorities may detain you while using the road during the Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitr holiday this year while the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has been conducting a safe operation since April 29. From May 8.

According to Deputy Inspector General of Police, Datuk Rajaruddin Hossain, the culprits will be identified through an ‘in-car radar’ or iCOPS device where the use of the device will be optimized during a 10-day safe operation.

According to him, those with arrest warrants will be taken to the nearest police station for further action. “Those who are in arrears will be asked to explain the summons,” he told a news conference yesterday. Cena Harian.

Rajarudin explained that iCOPS would be used along highways and main roads during safe operations.

“The device allows all police patrol vehicles to detect any vehicle involved in criminal activity, as well as the police who want owners who have a criminal record.

“The Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department (JSPT) will use the expanded iCOPS tool to identify traffic criminals who have outstanding summons and traffic arrest warrants during this operation,” he said.

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