On a busy road the lorry driver had to cut enough rows, leading to the explosion

As a motorist, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of roadblocks. Row-cutting is frowned upon because it is not only a nuisance to other road users but can also cause traffic jams and accidents.

Recently, a video of a lorry driver beating row cutters for reasons other than showing the effect of row cutting went viral on social media. In the minute-long clip, the man pointed out that drivers who drive along the right lane of a busy road cut into the left exit lane to avoid the lane, which makes traffic jams worse.

While explaining, a white Perodua Maivi lorry driver is seen trying to correct what he said and stops in the middle of the lane and ends up behind two other vehicles (probably doing the same thing). At this point in the video, the lorry driver loses his composure and blows the horn on the vehicle to show his frustration and annoyance.

We’ve all heard the lorry horn before, but the funny thing about this special lorry is that it bleeds the iconic and legendary sandstorm melody of Finnish DJ Darud. A few seconds after the 1999-released song, the row cutters move quickly, although they are still seen trying to merge into the exit lane near the end of the video.

Hitting nostalgia to one side, it is important to make sure you are in the right lane before entering a junction because cutting rows is not a very good job. Please consider or Brother The lorry can turn around and fill your head with lots of “right”.

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