New Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card – What’s the difference between the old card and how to do it?

Many people are aware that a new Touch ‘N Go Card’ has been launched in the local market with enhanced features – called Enhanced Touch ‘N Go Card. It is sold through the TnG eWallet app as well as selected retail chains.

This new card seems to be getting a warm welcome. The stock is sold; Within the first three hours after the announcement via the eWallet app. It was soon back on sale and we were able to get the card. While Touch ‘n Go cards are usually only used to pay tolls, it’s interesting to see how these new cards – with new technology – make consumer matters easier (or vice versa).

What is the difference, and how much does it cost?

The main feature of this new card is the technology Built-in near field communication (NFC), which allows top-ups by touching a smartphone and no need to go to the counter (and no top-up charges because this NFC top-up is free). However, you still can’t remotely top up the card and the card balance is still different from your eWallet.

How to top up using this new card using eWallet, place the card on the back of your phone. This requires an Android phone or iPhone with an NFC chip, as is the case with most models now available (including the iPhone 7 and above). Touch ‘n Go reports that this new card has better encryption features, which makes it more secure.

These new cards are sold at the same price as regular cards; RM10 (some LRT and MRT stations sell old cards at RM15, with an existing price of RM10), RM5 delivery fees are included with orders from eWallet. As of yesterday, this new card is no longer in stock, and some parties are reselling it online. The Star has reported a resale price of RM90 on sites like Lazada or Shoppe – a price that doesn’t make sense because there are groups that make a profit in the air. Hang out, wait for new stock.

The look of this new card is also different from the old card. It’s easy with the blue and pink gradient, at least for this early version that has been promoted. There are also wave icons that indicate NFC functionality, as well as the TnG eWallet logo which is all printed in Chrome. The back of the card contains a QR code, serial number and expiration date (valid for seven years) for the eWallet app.

How to add value?

First of all you need to update the eWallet application. Next, there will be a TNG card shortcut button on the main page. When you first enter the menu, you’ll be introduced to a new card introduction and add your card to the application using NFC. If you want to enter the serial number manually for this purpose, you can.

You will then be asked to prepare an advanced card, for which your phone will display instructions to hold the card back for five seconds. After reading the card, the serial number will be automatically entered in the box space on the display; You must then enter the six-digit PIN registered with eWallet before adding the card to your catalog. With the latest app, you can now connect up to five TnG cards (including this new card), from just the previous three cards.

Easy to top card. In the TnG Card menu, you’ll need to select the Reload button for the specific card, and you’ll be prompted again to place the card on the back of the phone for confirmation. Select the desired value and you will be asked to put the card back on. For the first top-up (there is no existing value on the new card), you also need to provide a PIN number. This is the end.

Note that the location of the phone’s NFC chip varies by model, so you need to know the location of your phone. For example, iPhone 12 Pro in this picture, you need to place the card in the upper corner near the camera.

There are several occasions when the phone informs you that there is an error while trying to read the card, which you need to restart the whole process to top up. Looks like you can’t mess around with card placement; Stay away from the phone before you are asked to do so. It will become much easier once you get used to it.

Anything else to know?

As reported, the value of this new card differs from the value of eWallet – you cannot pay for items via card with eWallet’s balance (unless you use the PayDirect function). Top-ups will be automatically deducted from your eWallet and there is no option to top-up using a credit or debit card. If the balance in eWallet is insufficient, you will be asked to top up eWallet first.

Unlike the old card, this new card has no freezing time (dormancy). This means you can use the card as many times as you want in seven years. Previously, you had to use a TnG card at least once a year to keep it active, although this was only for cards not connected to the eWallet app.

Want to transfer balance from old card? You need to make an application Return Through the Touch ‘n Go eRefund service, which is credited to your bank account or eWallet (Return Inactive card will be charged RM5). Once you have the money in your eWallet, you can use it to top up new cards as usual. In the process, the old card will be deactivated.

In addition to this NFC top-up function, the new card has the same functionality as other TnG cards and can be used for toll, parking, bus and train as well as retail purchases. PayDirect allows you to use your eWallet balance to make payments, although this can only be done at selected toll plazas as well as selected mall parking lots.

Oddly enough, the North-South Highway still doesn’t support PayDirect, although RFID lanes have now been added to toll plazas. At least for this new card you don’t have to park and walk to the top-up counter, which will help reduce tolls. Just like before, using your card in the current PayDirect toll or parking lot will be deducted first through eWallet, unless the balance is low.

So, here’s what you need to know about this latest enhanced Touch ‘n Go card Do you think that the latest functionality will be easy or vice versa?

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