Motorma Expo: Violence in the back room

In 2019, Toronto’s Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo – the show I’ve been watching for the past two weeks – decided to disrupt their happy family with a new addition called Mehem.

This aspect of the event is dedicated solely to the traditional hot rods and rituals, and with its own hall, judges and music it has become a show on the show.


However, due to the ‘us versus them’ mentality, Mehem is not divided from the rest of the motorists. It is true that the cars in this section are quite different from the other halls. The cars in the front hall are often suspended over the mirror, where many mayhem cars may be parked on top of an oil drain pan before being shown.


Other areas of the show include car dino sheets and two-of-a-kind special lists; Being in Mehem consists of some of it and a whole lot. They are the worst nightmares of weekend shift parts counter employees.


These cars have no ABS, no power steering and often no safety frills. Hot rods were grassroots and basic when they were a presentation, designed for young people, or at least for young people.


One style or hall is better than the other? Personally, I don’t think so.


Each has its merits, which is why Motorama deems it appropriate to include both. As the manager of car culture on a large scale, I needed to show both.

The fun begins with an M


I think at some point every kid wanted their own go-kart, and these two ‘kids’ – AKA full grown men – took a little longer to make it a reality.

The creation of the gold above began as a standard off-road cart before its owner took out the metal flakes and polish. Now known as the ‘Death Cart’, the big rear tires and stinkbag stance mean yes, it can pull the wheel.


The Ford Cart looks a little more like the right hot rod, compressed just below. I was told that it might actually start as a very rusty 1: 1 scale Ford, but I wasn’t able to confirm it.

If the body shell is really a rust donor residue, the owner has done a really great job of pulling it together. The interior was also quite clever, made of wood, signs, a gunpowder box and green Lexan.

Varnish Marquees


Car customization is about personalization, and each of Mehem’s cars had its own way of being different from each other. Custom paintwork was often employed as a way to come through the personality of the owner.


It was great to see so many builds wearing their original patina. Some vehicles look better with war marks from long and multi-layered life before they become hot rods.


This does not mean that I do not like glossy paint. I am equally fascinated by the work of nature’s patina and artistic airbrush.


Patterns, flame, lace, pin-striping, flake – it’s All Incredible I especially like how these cars employ the same techniques that a lorry would do, in exactly a different fashion.

The most interesting car for me was one that had a bit of both – Patina And Custom paint This proves that after customization, these cars are just as difficult to use, even harder than when they were in stock.


This infamous book belongs to a late local legend named Mel Watson.

Mail has recently passed and his car is now sitting with a new supervisor who is responsible for bringing the car to the event as appropriate as possible.

General instruments


Modern cars seem to be increasingly demanding in terms of the parameters required to drive them. If the ECU does not get the correct order of 1s and 0s, the motor will not fire. But this was not always the case. Things used to be rather simple.


Fuel, air, spark, some suspension, a seat and a few wheels for rolling and a steering.


Really, there is nothing more important than a hot rod to be an exciting driver.

54 years of survival


I would like to finish my Motorama and Mayhem coverage with this heavy customized 1948 Ford. Earlier in this post I mentioned Patina, Paint and Story – this is the car All Of those things

It was originally built in the 1960s and was shown regularly for several years, and during this time – almost incredibly – doubled as a daily driver. The signboard also states that the ‘street candy’ paint has been blended in such a way that it can withstand sharp temperature changes.

The pictures presented with the car are its main; Show it in the snow below. As I said, it was driven, at least until it was stuffed in a barn to be rediscovered decades later.


Can you imagine one of the many cars featured in Speedhunters surviving for a second kick in Cannes 57 years from today? One such post might be that the new owner needs to integrate the car’s past. As a writer I can only hope that one day my words can be used to bring together the history of the legendary cars of the time. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Until next year, Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo.

Dave Thomas
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