MIROS MICRS immediately requests eligible recipients of subsidized child seats

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has issued a statement urging eligible recipients of the Malaysia Child Seat Subsidy Program (MyCRS) to make immediate purchases. To date, 231,012 of the 427,798 applications are eligible, a number that is 20% higher than the program’s 188,000 limit.

MIROS reminds recipients that subsidies are based on purchases and not on merit, which is why they must immediately purchase child seats at 240 approved outlets or online across the country. A list of approved outlets can be found here www.mycrs.gov.my.

All applicants are advised to re-check their application status on the MyCRS website as the eligibility data has been updated. If the application is not yet on the eligible list, one can appeal online.

MIROS explains that the MyCRS child seat subsidy allocation is RM30 million and it is limited to 188,000 recipients. Each eligible person can claim a subsidy for a child seat. As announced in the 2022 budget, the subsidy is 50% and the maximum subsidy amount is RM150. Recipients are encouraged to purchase as soon as possible within two months from the date of application approval to avoid 188k not being deducted.

Don’t wait, buy nowDatuk Khairil Anwar Abu Qasim, Director General of Miros, said.

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