Mercedes teases Revion-style tank turns from the upcoming EQG electric SUV.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG – an upcoming electric version of Mercedes’ G-Class off-roader in 2024 – could get a trick tank-turn feature to compete with the Rivian R1T.

In a video released Monday, Mercedes teased the so-called “G-Turn”, showing a prototype of an electric SUV of its own length on dirt.

Mercedes-Benz EQG prototype

Mercedes-Benz EQG prototype

The automaker did not mention this feature when it was unveiled last year in the form of the EQG concept, but promised powerful off-road capabilities to match the current G-Class, proud that the EQG concept would be able to handle 100% grade. Suitable terrain. “The concept included a ladder frame and 2-speed gearbox to reduce off-road gear, similar to the Gasoline G-Class.

The company recently confirmed that EQG will use an advanced silicon-anode battery chemist to pack more range without sacrificing packaging. It will be supplied by Mercedes-backed Sila, which plans to build a cell in the mid-decade in Washington state for the planned extended-range version of the EQG. Mercedes plans to use the chemical in other future models.

The EQG concept, like the R1T, has a quad-motor powertrain, which probably enables the G-turn feature. Rivian has patented an extended set of specialized techniques enabled by its quad-motor layout.

The layout is expensive, though; In Rivian it led to higher prices যদিও although, as the company recently noted, reservations for quad-motor models accelerated only after price increases. And while the current G-Class is already close to the top of the Mercedes SUV range, customers will probably not be discouraged by the high price. Especially if EQG provides off-road power to its gasoline predecessor.

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