Mercedes-Benz has teased SL-based Maybach and Mithos

Last week Mercedes-Benz announced that they were cutting several entry-level models and would focus most of their efforts on expanding the offer to the upper end of the market. Significantly, it has a more exclusive new line than Maybach called Mythos, where cars are made for the purpose of being collector’s items.

To give us a glimpse of what the future might hold, Mercedes chief designer Gordon Wagner posted some teaser pictures on a personal social media account. The first is a Mercedes SL-based Maybach, which Wagener posted with the accompanying caption: “A glimpse of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach SL – reveals more about the future opportunities of our company’s most exclusive brand ৷ for customers who want a sophisticated luxury driving ৷ and design. Experience. “

The picture shows a part of the car’s prism. Significantly, it is surrounded by a steep three-pointed-star hood ornament, similar to the 1980s and earlier Benzes, as well as a bright chrome grille cast “Mebach” at the top. In contrast, the existing SL has a flash symbol and the grille is inserted into a body-colored nose. A deep red paint in Maybach contrasts with a black or dark gray hood. Unfortunately, that hood has been plastered with an ultra-tacky repeat pattern of the Maybach logo, like the Louis Vuitton handbag.

A second post by Wagner shows the silhouette of an open-top car in the Mithos series. “MYTHOS Series: High-Exclusive Collectibles from Mercedes-Benz,” reads the caption.

It looks like another SL-based car, but wearing a sturdy Toniu cover that is sculpted with Nassels like an early race car. The cover implies that the rear seats of the SL will not be present in the Mythos version. This could be exactly what Mercedes has previously said is only for passengers 5 feet or less. Mythos SL does not have visible hood ornaments like Maybach.

No mention of mechanical upgrades. If these end up being a sorted version of an existing Benz, it would prove to be rather disappointing. Not that many parts of our country need more alternatives to the equivalent of a full mansion car, but if we are going to get them, they will provide something beyond cosmetic richness.

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