Mercedes-AMG Vision Unveils AMG – Shows Fully Electric AMG.EA-Based Ideas

The Mercedes-AMG Vision unveiled the AMG concept, built on the manufacturer’s pure EV-dedicated AMG.EA platform and is a design study aimed at demonstrating the German brand’s direction when it enters the future of fully electric models.

Vision AMG represents “what electrification might look like in a Mercedes-AMG,” the manufacturer said, featuring future design elements such as light signatures and the evolution of its illuminated grille’s sensual purity design language, said Mercedes-Benz Group chief design officer Gordon Wagner.

The visual cues in the Vision AMG provide a hat tip for Mark’s current internal combustion-driven models whose vertical bars are in its closed fascia pointing toward the Panamericana Grill, where the Tristar boasts of illuminated vertical bars.

The light comes courtesy of a three-LED assembly for each headlamp, arranged as a stylized Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star and attached to a horizontal light bar across the fascia. This light bar can be configured to create a constant light as well as an animated welcome signature among others, Mercedes-Benz says.

In profile, the 22-inch wheels are seen wearing aerodynamic covers, while the bodywork is adorned with a large trestle pattern across the back door and quarter panels, while wearing an overall teardrop shape that is in line with the Vision EQXX concept. Published earlier this year.

At the back, the sharp edge incorporates an active spoiler that improves airflow and lengthens the car. Framed in the rear fascia, the light sextet above the diffuser. Here, the silver paint scheme and turquoise flashes are a compliment to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team.

Announced in July 2021, along with other fully electric platforms from Mercedes-Benz, models based on the AMG.EA platform will receive AMG-specific power units that will better reflect the AMG vision, the automaker said at the time.

Mercedes-Benz acquired British firm Yassa for this purpose, giving German Mark access to Axial Flux motor technology that would give motors a higher power-to-weight statistic, as well as endless repetitive performance and outstanding efficiency, it says.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Vision AMG is “a taste of the functional all-electric sports car of the future” that accommodates up to four people and is a vehicle that sits below the EQS despite having a battery pack in it. Floor between front and rear axles.

“Through this research, we are now giving the first glimpse of how we are transferring AMG DNA into the all-electric future, starting in 2025. We are developing everything from dedicated AMG.EA platforms to revolutionary drivetrains from scratch. The technology that will take performance to a whole new level of electrical mobility, “said Philip Schmidt, CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

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