Mercedes-AMG and Will.Im previews of an attractive G-Class-like coupe

Mercedes-AMG enlisted the help of rapper to create a car that apparently blends the styling instructions borrowed from the G-Class with the silhouette of a coupe. Although the model has not yet been released, dark sketches suggest that it does not look like anything else in the firm’s range.

“ has created a car for Mercedes-AMG that will help fund inter-city school engineering programs to prepare our young people for the technological future,” said a statement posted on the musician’s website. The site further states that the mysterious car will be unveiled on May 5, 2022.

What we’re seeing so far is amazing, to say the least. On the front, the lights, grille and rectangular panels in which they are installed are clearly inspired by the G-Class fittings. A notable difference is that the front bumper appears to have been assembled at the front end like many sedans and coupes; This is a separate part of G. The hood is much more rounded than the SUV and the fenders are flair.

The side view is darker, but we can clearly see that the roof line is like a coupe and relatively short, a word we will never use to describe G. We’re assuming it’s G-Class-inspired and not G-Class-based, but AMG could throw a curve ball at us.

More details about this misleading idea – and the programs it was designed for – will appear in the coming days.

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