Malaysia launches new Michelin Primacy SUV + tires – tire safety,

Michelin Primacy SUV + tires have now been launched in Malaysia. The latest SUV tires – an update to the original Primacy SUV – have improved performance and wider coverage to better meet consumer demand and the growing SUV market. There are SUVs everywhere you look these days, just look around the mall carpark later and count.

“It is estimated that from 2021 to 2026, the SUV market in the East Asian region will continue to grow at a rate of 5.9% per year and in 2026 it will grow at 33%. With the launch of the Michelin Primacy SUV +, we are sure to capture the market potential of the SUV for sure, as the tire not only provides a more complete SUV portfolio, but also offers long lasting performance and safety, as well as market-leading longevity, as well as a quiet and comfortable Drive – the best partner for both daily commute and long haul, ”said Oliver Biggart, MD, Michelin Malaysia.

Each new tire will be paired with the latest technology and is no different from the Primacy SUV +. However, they are focusing more on safety and value for money, as opposed to full functionality – primarily a touring tire range. Michelin says the new tires “provide long-lasting safety, regardless of wet or dry road conditions, and provide a hassle-free driving experience even when the tires are worn.”

New features include the Michelin Premium Touch, a sidewall design with a velvet-like micro-texture that “enhances the SUV’s aesthetic appeal” (only for sizes 18-inches and more); Higher silica loading and functionalized polymer that provides “excellent weight and dry braking performance” and Maxtouch construction without compromising on mileage or rolling resistance. The latter even optimizes the contact patch for wear and long lasting life.

The Primacy SUV + also features advanced Michelin tech, including ultimate safety for U-shape groove design with full depth and high sip density “even when the tires are worn, especially in wet road conditions”. The Chamford trade block prevents distortion under pressure, while Stabiligrip sieves offer optimized rigidity and better water drainage, which in turn improves wet and dry braking performance.

“Significant safety improvements to the Michelin Primacy SUV +, certified by several tests, not only ensure superiority over competitors, but also ensure maximum driving confidence and control behind the wheel for SUV drivers,” Biggart added.

Michelin claims that the test results, compared to the main competitors on wet roads, show that the Primacy SUV + is 3.3 meters shorter when new and 4.2 meters shorter when worn. On dry roads, when new, it stops shortening by 2.3 meters. The French tiremaker also claims driveable mileage which is 10% higher than the competitor’s average.

The Primacy SUV + is now available to all Michelin approved tire dealers in 26 sizes, including seven new ones, across the 16- to 20-inch range. RRP is RM600 to RM1,600.

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