Lucid Price Rise, EV Charging Apps, Volta Trucks in US: Today’s Car News

Lucid in California is raising prices, and increasing production. Automakers’ apps aren’t providing full charging functionality. And the Volta, with its futuristic-looking truck, coming to the United States this and much more, here Green Car Report.

Lucid, a California-based EV maker and manufacturer of its cars in Arizona, has announced an increase in the price of its vehicles to $ 15,000. In contrast to Revian and that company’s recent mistake, Lucid has increased the actual value to its current (over 30,000) reservation-holders and everyone who reserves before June 1.

Volta Trucks, a Swedish-based company with some very future commercial-truck designs, announced plans Thursday to enter the U.S. market with a manufacturing partner. It will lead to U.S. production in 2024 or 2025 and in the meantime it is deploying a pilot fleet of 100 trucks based in California.

And according to a survey by JD Power, EV owners are increasingly using automaker smartphone apps to manage the charging of their vehicles-yet they’re not entirely happy with how these apps work. And surprisingly, some tech-savvy companies, including Revian and Lucid, weren’t seen as key features.


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