Lotus Emira GT4 Race Car Heath Ledger Launched on Test Track

Lotus has launched the new Emira GT4 with a dynamic display of race car performance on its Hethel test track. Guests were treated to the lap of the famous 3.5-km circuit passengers with Gavan Kershaw, director of Lotus Vehicle Features and former British GT Championship winner.

The track version of Emerald ushers in a new era of performance GT racing for Lotus, the firm says. This is the first new model of Lotus Advanced Performance, the business-oriented car and experimental division launched earlier this year. The Gilly-owned brand says a global performance from the UK sports car company back in the global motorsport is a key pillar of the car business and brand transformation.

Almost all modern Lotus Road cars had race-ready siblings and the successor to the Evora GT4 continues the tradition. Each Emira GT4 customer will receive a homologated performance machine, made by hand to meet the latest safety rules, including lightweight motorsport components and equipment. The project is a collaboration between Lotus and RML Group.

Under the lightweight composite bodywork with optimized GT4 aerodynamics, the Toyota Race-certified 3.5-liter V6 engine manages a dry sump and motech engine. The 400 bhp 2GR-FE combines a Harrop TVS 1900 supercharger and an Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox with paddleshift actuation and LSD.

Other race-essential items include a Motec dashboard with data-logging, a motorsport wiring harness and a 96-liter FIA FT3-approved fuel tank with dry brake filler.

The front and rear double wishbone suspension comes with two-way adjustable Ohlins TTx damper and anti-roll bar on both ends. The brakes of the Emira GT4 are competitive with the Bosch Adjustable Motorsport ABS. Lotus has opted for Pirelli GT4 265 front and 305 rear tires for 18-inch forged aluminum wheels.

Of course, the GT4’s cockpit includes an FIA-compliant six-point roll cage, FIA-compliant HANS-approved seat six-point harness, electronic fire extinguisher and isolator switch.

Lotus says that since the announcement of the Emira GT4 in September 2021, the development team has focused on “the perfect engineering to deliver exceptional mobility and high-speed stability.” Hundreds of hours of legalization work have been done at the hotel, and the Emira GT4 has moved to Portimo for a week in the winter – some of the pictures you see here are of Portuguese tracks.

In addition to good weather, Lotus says Portimao is one of the most challenging circuits in Europe, making it the perfect destination for arrow performance and component reliability testing.

However, the classic race car you see here is the Lotus Type 30 sports racer. This white 1965 GT is powered by a Ford 4.7 liter V8, privately owned and won the Whitson Trophy at last year’s Goodwood Revival event. Only 33 instances of the Type 30 were ever made, and it won numerous victories at the hands of Lotus legend Jim Clark and other racers.

Racing Emerald costs from £ 165,000 (RM891,334) excluding tax and delivery. Lotus aims to meet customer orders throughout 2022, increasing production for 2023 in line with global demand.

Last month, Lotus Cars Malaysia saw a preview of the road-going emirate here. The order book is open for the Junior Supercar, and is valued at RM1.13 million, completely tax-free in Peninsular Malaysia or RM457k duty-free in Langkawi. The full report is here.

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