Lordstown Deadline, EV Charger Hacked, BMW Will Not Leave Petrol: Today’s Car

BMW believes in the electric version of its gasoline sedan. EV charger is a safety concern. And is this the beginning of a new beginning or end for Lordstown Motors in Ohio? This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Will Lordstown survive? This week we’ll probably get a better idea of ​​its effectiveness, as a potential deal with iPhone maker Foxconn is nearing completion. This could potentially enable the production of an electric pickup at Lordstown Endurance, or it could look blurry. But even though the deal was finalized at the last minute, more cash was needed to produce truck ramps outside an early small group in Lordstown, the company said Monday.

The 3-Series is always different for BMW. Based on recent comments from German automaker Global Bestseller for many years, and BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, this Model 3 form factor will be the part that first sees a mass-market, dedicated EV from the company. In the meantime, it makes sense to build an electric version of its petrol luxury sedans, the CEO argues – and has no plans to seize the market share of petrol anytime soon.

Electric car charging stations remain a potential target for hackers, a recent report warns that there seems to be too much leaning on a cybersecurity industry to sell services. Safety can be a serious concern for electrified fleets, including centralized smart charging, is it for individuals?


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