Long Land Rover Defender 130 will be released this month

After appearing in spy photos and patent drawings, the wait for the elongated Land Rover Defender is almost over. The company has announced that it will be released on May 31st. And it provided the teaser image above with the shape hidden sand whisper.

Of course, with all the spy and patent images we’ve mentioned above, we’ve got a pretty good idea of ​​what an SUV would look like. And, well, that’s basically a longer version of the current four-door Defender 110. More specifically, it should be 14 inches longer than 110 inches. The wheelbase will be the same though. This means that the approach and breakover angle should be the same, but the extra body hanging backwards will damage the departure angle.

Extra length would be great for space, though, especially for third row seats. Land Rover has also revealed the seating arrangement available for 130 people. There is seating for two at the front, and three-seater benches for the next two rows. This gives it an extra seat above 110.

When turned on, it should be available with at least a turbocharged four-cylinder and a turbocharged straight-six. It will probably get a plug-in hybrid version for Europe at least. We won’t hold our breath for the V8 version.

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