Lexus RZ electric SUV – local launch for a range of 450 km, on the Malaysian website

The Lexus RZ All-Electric SUV debuted worldwide last month, marking the roll-out of the premium brand’s first fully electric model. At its launch, Lexus stated that the RZ was its first globally available dedicated EV, serving as a milestone in becoming a “BEV-centric brand.”

Now that it has appeared on the Lexus Malaysia website, does that mean RZ has been confirmed to hit the local market? There is no confirmation yet, because the search form at the bottom of the webpage is for a general newsletter, not a registration of interest.

That said, the Malaysian market further welcomes fully electric vehicles, including the exemption from import and excise duties, and the next set for sale in our market is the Kia EV6, which was seen at the BAuto Training School in Glenmarie.

In the case of the Lexus RZ, the all-electric SUV is based on the EV-specific E-TNGA platform that enables the optimal weight distribution through an ideal location of a 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that provides a range of 450 km. Related to the Toyota bZ4X, the RZ 4,805 mm long and 1,895 mm wide with 2,850 mm wheelbase makes it 165 mm long and 50 mm wide from the first generation Lexus NX.

The DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system varies the front-to-rear output from the front and rear electric drive motors in a 40:60 and 60:40 ratio to reduce vehicle pitch. When the steering wheel is turned, when entering an angle, the front wheel drive is increased from 50% to 75% for feedback and feeling, Lexus says, when the output distribution is biased along the rear axle between 50% and 75%. Corner exit%

Inside, the RZ is the first Lexus to hit the market with a steering yoke (a conventional round unit is also offered), and employs Fresh Internal concepts as employed in the second generation NX. Here, the cabin features include electronic latch door system, electric radiant heater, ultrasound furnishings using 30% bio-based durable material, a panoramic roof with Lexus-first dimming function and much more.

The Lexus RZ’s safety kit consists of Proactive Driving Assist (PDA), Pre-Collision Safety (PCS), All-Speed ​​Radar Cruise Control and Lane Departure Alert (LDA) systems.

There’s also Advanced Drive (traffic jam support) and Advanced Park (with remote smartphone function), in addition to a driver monitor to detect when a driver is drowsy or looking sideways. If the driver’s posture is severely compromised, it will slowly slow down, activate its dangerous light, stop vehicles, and notify emergency services.

The Lexus RZ has a lot of equipment. If it is sold in Malaysia, it will enter a growing diversified market for zero-emission vehicles; Which would you like?

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