Leading trunk organizer in 2022

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With the advent of engineless cars, manufacturers have begun to offer more storage space in their cars. However, your wide fringes and trunks are only good if you make the best use of their width. So, whether you’re on a road trip or a long daily commute, you’ll be excited to learn about the best trunk organizers of 2022.

A trunk organizer called a cupboard for your car would be a gross understatement. From the right kind of pocket to the versatile compartment, this car organizer is a must have for anyone who wants to carry equipment, jumper cable, first aid kit or gym equipment on their ride at all times. Today, we will break down the best that the online marketplace has to offer in the case of trunk organizers and provide useful information to help you make a great pick for your needs.

Details of the top trunk organizers of 2022

Drive Auto Car Organizer: Top Pick

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This trunk organizer provides great functionality by providing a practical solution for keeping all your necessities (and garbage) in your car. It comes in quite a tight shape with a safety strap so you can easily hang it on your car. And, even if you try to keep heavy items in this organizer, it has a solid structure that keeps everything neatly positioned.

Measuring up to 23 x 17 x 10.75 inches, the size of this organizer can be adjusted depending on your trunk space. It has three wide buggies which can store seventeen gallons in full capacity, nine gallons in half capacity and one gallon in case of complete breakdown. Also, the Drive Auto Trunk Organizer features two external pockets for storing small items for quick access.


  • Messy storage system
  • Sustainable construction
  • Adjustable size
  • Strong grip handles


  • A bit expensive but well worth it

FORTEM Car Organizer: Runner up

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The Fortem Car Trunk Organizer offers an excellent combination of practicality and versatility. Made from super durable nylon, it has a solid build quality. Due to its waterproof construction, you can also use it for outdoor storage. It comes in standard and large sizes with dimensions up to 23.5 x 15.98 x 10 inches.

This trunk organizer boasts a compressible design which means it can be adjusted to different lengths to fit the available space. It has a generous storage space with three bogies, external mesh pockets and pouches that are spacious enough to store most if not the essentials of the car. Anti-slip bottom and velcro safety straps ensure that the organizer does not move while driving.


  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Adjustable in various shapes
  • Multiple storage bogies
  • Strips below the anti-slip


  • The weight capacity of the side pockets may be more

SURDOCA Car Trunk Organizer: Competitor

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This trunk organizer is made with 600D oxfords and a strong net lining on the mesh. It also offers the best way to keep your belongings from slipping around during bumpy rides. The best part is that it has an amazing storage capacity with eight pockets for storing your heavy groceries, emergency items and other necessities.

Measuring 35.43 x 18.11 x 1.65 inches, the Surdoca Trunk Organizer is compatible with most vehicles which adds to its versatility. It comes with three durable straps that are quite easy to attach or remove. Additionally, you can choose from two color options (black and gray).


  • Generous storage space
  • 90% compatible with vehicle type
  • Strong safety strap
  • Available in two color options


  • Some users have reported that it comes in smaller sizes than ads

MIU Color Car Trunk Organizer: Honorable mention

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The MIU COLOR car trunk is made from organizer hand-knitted and intricately sewn fabric which gives it a premium feel and enhanced durability. With a maximum capacity of 18.49 gallons, it has a customizable length to meet your storage needs. There are fake pockets on the outside for storing small items for easy accessibility. Also, it comes with two detachable separators that either allow you to store items in a buggy or split them into three separate sections depending on your needs and preferences.

Measuring 31.5 x 13.78 x 9.84 inches, this organizer can be conveniently folded to save space when not in use. The slip-free velcro at the bottom of this trunk organizer keeps it firmly secured and straight so that your belongings do not move around while driving. Moreover, it is easy to operate due to its light weight and compressible design.


  • Slip-free velcro base
  • Large weight capacity
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Durable organizer handle


  • Construction is not water-boring

Osar Back Seat Trunk Organizer: Also consider

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Osar’s trunk organizer won’t disappoint you with its 600D Oxford elastic construction. Thanks to its nine wide buggies, two detachable dividers and five outer pockets, you can store as much as you want in this trunk organizer. Also, it can fit in most cars including SUV, MPV, VAN and many more.

This trunk organizer has a non-slip base, three rear loop fasteners and adjustable straps that keep it stable and prevent it from moving. On top of that, there are strong aluminum handles to provide support when carrying heavy objects. And, as far as clean-up is concerned, this trunk organizer is dust-resistant and quite easy to clean, it is convenient to maintain. Also, it has a foldable design measuring up to 14.17 x 11.42 x 2.56 inches, so it offers exceptional utility and plenty of storage space.


  • Nine spacious bogies
  • Easy to mount
  • Non-slip base for safety


  • There are problems keeping some items straight

Purchase Guide: Trunk Organizer

Before dropping the Amazon Prime delivery box which is used to store garbage in your car, you must know how to buy a trunk organizer. So, to help you with this, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide with all the tips and information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Trunk organizer worth buying?

Let’s get a thing straight. Trunk organizer is a must for anyone who owns a car! Why are you asking Well, there are two reasons:


It’s not rocket science. A bigger car will cost more than a smaller car, at least most of the time. This larger size comes in the form of more leg-rooms and… you guessed it, more trunk space. So, to get the most out of your investment, you must make the best use of your car trunk space.

By allocating a separate pouch, jeep or bogie for different things, a trunk organizer effectively allows you to store more of the same amount in the trunk space. These dedicated space organizers allow ready-made access to things in the back that ultimately save time and can be nothing less than God-sent in an emergency.


Speaking of emergencies, if your car is in an accident, the things you are storing in it can be a cause for concern. Tools and boxes flying around can act as projectiles and do more harm than good. So, isn’t it nice that a car organizer keeps all your belongings safe and tied up to prevent such damage? Safety sign!

What are trunk organizers usually made of?

At the end of composing things, trunk organizers are usually made of either one of these two materials:

Before we briefly look at the features of the two fabrics, we have a tip for you. No matter which material you go for, make sure the storage bins are sewn for durability and perfection.


Talking about durability, trunk organizers made of nylon scream longevity. That’s just the nature of this material. It is meant to be. Furthermore, its easy production means that nylon trunk organizers will usually be a bit cheaper when stacking up against competition. Nylon bins, on the other hand, do not go well with water and moisture, so you should only store dried items in a nylon organizer.

Oxford 600D

Oxford 600D fabric is a blend of polyester. This is why the Oxford trunk organizers are so light. They are highly breathable, easy to clean and water resistant, allowing you to carry almost anything, including wet items.

Things to consider when buying a trunk organizer

Here are two things to look for when selecting a new trunk organizer:

Size and versatility

The bin size of your new car should be such that it can easily fit in the trunk while fitting most of the items you normally carry in your car. While the dimensions of the bin and its buggies will give you a decent idea of ​​what kind of stuff you can store in it, the best way to go about it is to look at some customer reviews that specifically talk about storage mobility. That’s what you’re looking for.

While you’re at it, we also recommend that you choose something that is not only spacious, but also versatile. You should look for foldable and expandable buggies that you can fit with a variety of essentials. In addition, we recommend finding something that has side pockets or zippers for small tools and accessories that should be readily available.

Mounting and safety

The next thing you must consider is the mountability of your new trunk organizer. There should be a large number that takes a fraction of the time to whip or hook in. When it comes to hook-ins, some trunk organizers aren’t really universal and require specific hooks or straps to install on your trunk.

In addition, you must think about how safe and secure the car organizer is. Adjustable bark, heavy-duty Velcro straps, and non-slip bottoms are some essential features that are good to ensure in a trunk organizer. Also, again, you can get a better idea of ​​the overall safety and security of your new car organizer through some customer reviews.

Buying tips for the best trunk organizers

Do you know what time it is now? Okay, this will equip you with some killer buying tips that will help you make a more conscious purchase decision when it comes to the market for a new car trunk bin:

Portability and storage

Your new trunk organizer is meant to solve your storage problems, not add to them. Thus, a trunk storage bin that is difficult to store should be a large number. We recommend choosing ones that shrink because it really streams the entire storage part. Furthermore, we recommend that your new trunk organizer should have some kind of handle for portability.


Humidity and dirt are a symptom of your car. So, don’t be surprised if your trunk organizer gets all dirty every few weeks. The easiest way, however, is to keep it in the washer and move on with your business. Therefore, we recommend choosing an organizer that is machine washable and overall resistant to water and moisture.

Trunk Organizer FAQs

Q: What is the best way to organize your trunk?

There is a name! A trunk organizer is the best way to keep your trunk tidy and practical. These car storage solutions will not only prevent things from turning backwards but will also give you ready access to the things you need.

Q: What should I put in my trunk organizer?

While there are no restrictions on what you can put in your trunk organizer, there are some essentials that must be kept in one. It includes a pair of jumper wires, a blanket, a first aid kit, a flashlight and an air pump.

Q: How to buy a trunk organizer?

When a new trunk organizer comes on the market, you must consider something that is large enough for the items you need to carry while being compatible with your car trunk. We also recommend choosing something that is durable, easy to clean and waterproof. While you’re at it, look for something with compressible walls for easy storage.

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